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About Jesus Morales & La Bella Managua:

When he opened his restaurant La Bella Managua in 2005, Nicaraguan food was completely unknown in Toronto. Slowly, customer by customer, word spread – first among Nicaraguans telling other Latin Americans, then among people telling their Canadian-born friends. Nicaraguan cuisine draws on almost every aspect of Latin American cooking styles, but it puts a unique twist on certain flavours.

Hinting at the tuber-based indigenous cuisine found in places like Brazil and Ecuador, I prepare sautéed sweet plantains and a dish of crispy fried marinated pork chunks and coleslaw atop steamed white yucca root. Gallo pinto, the Nicaraguan take on the Caribbean staple of rice and beans, involves mixing the ingredients into a red and black-flecked mashup, and Central American influence is also apparent on the menu in the form of tacos and quesadillas, and habañero peppers in the homemade salsa.

Corn Trail: Chef Jesus Morales’ Na Tamales


Authentic Nicaraguan Na Tamales (corn dough filled with vegetables and meat with a mint accent in banana leaves) are featured in this demo from La Bella Managua restaurant.

Corn or “maize” was first "domesticated" in the campo (rural areas) and migrated with Indigenous people across the continent. Today it has become a staple in the recipes of kitchens throughout el centro (urban centres). Join us for the delicious Corn Trail food series where we are encouraged to understand where we come from by following the corn!

Hosted by Mary Luz Mejia.