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About Gloria Carillo:

Gloria is a social entrepreneur, eco-organic advocate and extremely passionate about creating sustainable food chains. Through her company, La Casa del Taco, she has been the caterer of choice to numerous film companies and in 2006 she hosted her own cooking show on Latin TV. Her latest venture is a plan to open restaurants in both Vancouver and Toronto. Her conscious business model incorporates a focus on the use of recycled materials, providing unique fundraising opportunities for schools and employee profit-sharing. Her philosophy is to co-create supportive endeavours designed to enrich and nourish individuals and communities.

Corn Trail: Chef Gloria Carillo’s Patasca and Chicha


A tropical, organic, authentic soup/stew dish, Patasca, is paired with a cool refreshing non alcoholic drink, Chicha, in this Bolivian-focussed demo by chef Gloria Carillo. 

Corn or “maize” was first 'domesticated' in the campo (rural areas) and migrated with Indigenous people across the continent. Today it has become a staple in the recipes of kitchens throughout el centro (urban centres). Join us for the delicious Corn Trail food series where we are encouraged to understand where we come from by following the corn!

Hosted by Mary Luz Mejia.

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