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About Alfredo Cordero & Latinada Tapas Bar:

Good food is served up at bistro-style tables, and drinks abound at this Bloor West hot spot. There is often spontaneous dancing and there is never a shortage of musicians or impromptu jams, as they too treat it like a home away from home. Musicians from Cuba, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina or Uruguay can be found almost any night, either on stage or off, hanging out or "working"… they seem to have as much fun on stage as they do off! Owner of Latinada, Alfredo Cordero, is the man behind it all. He wears many hats, whether it’s on stage playing guitar, or behind the bar making drinks, serving clients or just joking with customers. His personality is part of his indelible charm and it’s Latinada’s secret ingredient.

Corn Trail: Chef Alfredo Cordero’s Pastel de Choclo



A traditional Chilean baked corn pie (corn dough filled with ground beef, chicken and olives) is featured in this demo from Latinada Tapas Bar.

Corn or “maize” was first "domesticated" in the campo (rural areas) and migrated with Indigenous people across the continent. Today it has become a staple in the recipes of kitchens throughout el centro (urban centres). Join us for the delicious Corn Trail food series where we are encouraged to understand where we come from by following the corn!

Hosted by Mary Luz Mejia.

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