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About Xolisa Jerome:

Xolisa Jerome made a deep connection with the art of emceeing at the age of 10, a connection that has only continued to surge forward and develop throughout the years as her love for hip hop has grown.

Her voice and lyrical execution, whether set to the backdrop of her own production or laid over tracks by her favourite artists (A Tribe Called Quest, Camp-Lo, The Pharcyde, MF Doom and Digable Planets), portrays a sincerity that’s honest, technical and fluid. Stripped of the glitz and glimmer, just rhymes as you hear it and words as they’re delivered, all with a rhythmic grounded flow. It’s in that humbled space that the Toronto native is able to just be, expressing freely the thoughts that otherwise tend to get lost in the day to day.

About Adria Kain:

Toronto native Adria Kain is ready to go full force towards realizing her passion. After releasing her first album, the highly anticipated EP, Love Kain, Adria says her success in music is someone surprising.

“It’s all sort of surreal to me how this is all happening," she says. "I've always been a singer, I just never really took it seriously. It was more of a hobby to me. My major goal in life was to become this big basketball player and to be the first lady in the NBA (laughs)." We can expect a lot from the young up-and-coming artist as she strives to dream big and live better.

About Phoenix Pagliacci:

Phoenix Pagliacci is a 24-year-old Toronto native who has been singing/songwriting since the age of six. Her debut album, Books, Bucks & Beats Vol. 1: Holla At A Schola,  is her presentation of the three axles upon which her life rests: books (her continued learning efforts), bucks (her source of income) and beats (her music).

About Savannah Ré:

"You remind me of the reason I started singing” says singer Jully Black, of Savannah Ré. Having just burst onto the Toronto music scene in 2011, with her soulful sound and edgy penmanship, Ré is already leaving her mark. Born in Montreal and residing in Toronto, this Canadian powerhouse has been learning and growing under the direction of her mentor, Tika Simone (MTV host) and many of her industry peers. Working with the likes of P.Reign, Psych Ward, Jully Black, Tika Simone, and countless others, she continues to push to new heights. Singing a fusion of R&B, with a touch of pop, alternative and a heavy hitting hip hop undertone, Savannah Ré brings a new flare to the old classic.

About L The 12th Letter:

Break hip hop down to its essence of instantly memorable lyrics with unpredictable metaphors and wordplay over carefully chosen beats, and you have everything embodied by Toronto’s 12th Letter. Having recently released a second video (“Follow Me”) from Just Rap, L is currently splitting his time between his crew, The Winners Circle, with fellow Toronto rappers Bad Newz and Ekko Effect, and recording his debut LP, Hear No Evil/Music to My Ears.

“I used to pride myself on my lyrics and that is the thing I’m most comfortable with,” L says. “But I want to pride myself on really making good songs that have longevity, that stick and impact the culture for years to come.”

About Brendan Philip:

Brendan Philip creates music intuitively, extracting from his cultural memory and affinity for improvisation. Lyrically, he contemplates life and love. His songs are an auditory alchemy, an evocation of various Africanisms and a realization of futurism. As a singer-songwriter his music is simultaneously cinematic, encompassing and exploratory. Brendan's fearless invitation to explore the changing world of politics, sex and identity make his music resilient and necessary.

About John River:

Toronto’s hip hop future is in good hands with 17-year-old producer/artist John River, a soulful artist with a delivery that mixes witty wordplay and lyricism beyond his years. His debut release, The Calm, is available now for FREE and is refreshingly low on features, giving the project plenty of opportunity to showcase John River’s talent. Guest appearances include Bad Boy’s Los, Anthm and Kembe X.

About Derek Wise:

Derek Bissue, better known by his stage name Derek Wise, is a Canadian rapper from Scarborough. Wise began rapping at the age of 10 and grew up admiring up-and-coming rappers like Stack Bundles, and also lists Max B, LL Cool J, DMX, Cam’ron & Juvenile amongst his influences. He had an unstable upbringing with his mother who played the role of both parents. His unique perspective is a result of his interests in classic mob movies and taste for culture. He began his career in 2009 under an independent label known as Hello Knew World (HKW), with members Quincy Nanatakyi & Mudasser Ali, and is a currently a member of the hip-hop group W1SE GUYS (WG).

About Jelly TooFly:

It’s undeniable that the music industry is in the midst of a renaissance that's seeing the
restoration of originality and integrity. Jelly TooFly is poised to be a focal point
of this movement. Her undeniably unique perspective and versatility can be attributed to her childhood cities, growing up between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Toronto. Staying true to herself by any means is her life and not just a life style. As a gay, black female, she plans on utilizing this identity to take her to the top.

About Sean Leon:

The animal king.

The Known Unknown: Top 10 Emerging Artists Unplugged Edition



Saturday, February 2, 2013
Marilyn Brewer Community Space
235 Queens Quay West
Sunday, February 3, 2013
Marilyn Brewer Community Space
235 Queens Quay West

The Known Unknown, hosted by Tika Simone (MTV’s The Hills Aftershow, hip pop singer-songwriter),  represents the best of Toronto's black independent artists, showcasing the urban music stars of tomorrow. All performances are unplugged with the power of the voice being the focal point of the show. A different artist will be featured on the hour between the allotted times each day.

Featuring Savannah Ré, Derek Wise, Jelly TooFly, and others.

Performance times:

Saturday, February 2

2-2:30pm -- Xolisa Jerome
3-3:30pm -- Adria Kain
4-4:30pm -- Pheonix Pagliacci
5-5:30pm -- Savannah Ré
6-6:30pm -- L The 12th Letter
7-7:30pm -- Brendan Philip

Sunday, February 3

2-2:30pm -- John River
3-3:30pm -- JellyTooFly
4-4:30pm -- Derek Wise
5-5:30pm -- Sean Leon