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Photo: Courtesy of the artist

SATE (aka Saidah Baba Talibah)
SATE is blues and SATE is rock. SATE is raw power, out to satisfy and empower a nation. SATE has learned at the feet of masters, and incorporated those lessons into what are, beyond a doubt, some of the most electrifying sounds to come from anyone this year.

At the forefront of it all is empowerment, strength and sexiness personified by the indelible image of a woman on stage, her fist in the air, and an entire audience raising its hands in communal acknowledgment. The full spectrums of emotions, channeled into a fight for what is right, as bodies and spirits are moved, and souls are satisfied. SATE has its feet firmly planted in the 21st century, but the passing of the torch is fully evident on the primordial scream of this debut record that balances huge riffs with swaggering female vocals, like a lost collaboration between Tina Turner and Jimi Hendrix. This ballsy and fearless attitude fueled by vulnerability, rage and joy are the sparks that ignite SATE’s songwriting and explosive live energy – taking all that life throws at you and turning it into great art. It’s a catharsis and a discovery of one’s true voice. SATE is a product of the live experience, with a sound that has taken shape over the course of several years of intense live shows.



SATE is out to satisfy and empower a nation. Armed with ferocious soulful wails, relentless guitars and a dirty low end, pulsating organs and greasy grooves to satisfy earholes. Formerly know as Saidah and winner of Harbourfront’s inaugural SoundClash Music Award, SATE brings her explosive live energy to the WestJet Stage.