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Michie Mee
Michie Mee is known within the music industry for her unique rap style of combining reggae and dancehall with hip-hop. Many successful artists have followed in Michie’s footsteps using this gifted technique. With over two decades in the entertainment industry, the Juno nominated rapper and actress is not only an inspiration for female musicians, but also all artists nationwide.

Aside from her life as an entertainer, Michie is also a mother who makes it one of her duties to keep involved with today’s youth. Knowing first-hand the twists and turns artists often face in entertainment, Michie is an avid supporter of children striving to achieve a good education. Michie herself left university after her music career began to soar and has always spoken openly about the importance of education. Michie continues to enhance her abilities to attract diverse roles on television and film. She was featured in the 2011 CBC hip-hop documentary Love, Props and the T. Dot, this trailblazer’s saga still continues. Michie Mee’s reign as Queen is far from over.

Michie is the 1st Canadian hip-hop recording artist to sign an American Major Record deal and is the recipient of the 2012 Dj Stylus Hall of Fame Award, the 2013 CUMC Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2014 Black Canadian Award for Best Female Rap Act, and most recently made history winning the Toronto Arts Council 'Roy Thomson Hall Award' of 10K . The Roy Thomson Hall Award recognizes creative, performing, administrative, volunteer, or philanthropic contributions to Toronto's musical life by a person, ensemble or organization. Michie is the CEO of MBM Publishing, MBM Inc. and is looking forward to new music in 2016.

Watch Michie's Jamaican Funk Canadian Style

Adria Kain
For singer/songwriter Adria Kain, the journey began at the mere age of five when her mother couldn’t help but notice her child’s strange yet well developed sense of sound. By the time Adria reached the age of nine, it was safe to say the young artist had taught herself to sing. Growing up in the small towns of Oakville and Burlington, Adria always had a knack for being known as “the creative one”. Writing became Adria’s pastime. She began to write about everything from her thoughts and dreams to her everyday happenings. They began as simple excerpts or poems and eventually evolved into beautiful stories that we can hear today on her debut EPs - “Love, Kain” and “Identity”. The 23-year-old Toronto native has now collaborated with a wide seections of artists from across the globe and is ready to go full force towards the dream.

Watch Adria's Better Life

pHoenix Pagliacci
pHoenix Pagliacci is a 27-year-old Toronto native who insists on standing up and speaking out. Since the age of six she has been songwriting with topics varying from love to life to loss. pHoenix has released many projects, the latest being a collaborative effort with DijahSB and A. Harmony, entitled "Hometown Herverts". When asked how one would describe her style of music, pHoenix declines to be put in any boxes. She is simply an aspiring artist leaving inspiring imprints on an expiring earth.

Watch pHoenix's Voodoo

DJ Mel Boogie
With roots deeply embedded in radio, Mel Boogie started her career at CHRY 105.5FM in 1993, where she set the prime time morning airwaves on fire for over six years. Guest spots at CIUT 89.5FM led to finding a place for over 12 years at at CKLN 88.1FM, as the DJ/co-host of Droppin’ Dimez Radio, Canada’s only all-female hip-hop show. Now back at CHRY 105.5, where it all began, she's been dedicated to developing the DD Radio brand with partner, JJ Rock. She remains the only female DJ to be a repeated feature guest on FLOW 93.5 FM. Mel has also opened for some of hip hop’s most respected artists, including Lauryn Hill, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, M.O.P., Joe Budden, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, and has been a show/tour DJ for Maestro "Fresh" Wes, Michie Mee, and more.

Watch Mel live on FLOW 93.5FM

Two-time Juno nominee and widely considered one of Canada's foremost lyricists, Eternia continues to knock down barriers and trail-blaze across the globe for Canadian hip-hop music. She has toured throughout the world with many of music’s most respected artists and those that are lucky enough to catch her on stage credit her as one of the best live performers they have witnessed. 

In 2010, Eternia signed to Fat Beats Records with super-producer, MoSS, and together released the Juno and Polaris nominated album, “AT LAST.” She has since solidified her standing with a slew of buzz-worthy collaborations, music videos and singles, as well as being named on CBC's list of "25 Greatest Canadian Rappers Ever." From The Source Magazine to Hot 97, from the NY Daily News to NPR, from Toronto to Berlin, from NXNE to SXSW, from the Juno Awards to Paid Dues, there is no doubt Eternia has arrived... AT LAST.

Watch Eternia’s Final Offering.

KeepRockinYou (KRY)
KRY is a community-based artist collective that inspires females through hip-hop culture, generating new avenues for them to grow, become empowered and stay true to themselves. B-Girling is more than a dance; it’s an ideology and a culture that re-enforces creative physical activity, positive friendships, perceivable goals and a sense of accomplishment and direction. KRY encourages the need to create and be supportive in adverse environments, learning to engage and empower others on the journey. B-girling is about resolving conflict through dance, retaining integrity with style and finesse and releasing emotion through creation. As an artist-driven organization, KRY strives to serve its community by providing positive and authentic hip-hop culture programming. With The Toronto B-girl Movement and the Past, Present and Future Mentorship Project we educate and inspire a new generation of young dancers to build confidence and knowledge so that they can express themselves more freely and positively impact Toronto’s B-boy/B-girl community. The Past, Present and Future Mentorship Project focuses on providing teachings from the icons that like-minds in the community look up to and source as inspiration – creators, innovators and community-builders.
Watch KeepRockinYou's 2013 program

She Got Next: Women in Hip-Hop Showcase


Everyone: FREE
Sunday, February 7
Brigantine Room
235 Queens Quay West

Celebrate Canadian women in the hip-hop industry with a special tribute to Michie Mee, Toronto’s first lady of hip-hop. Adria Kain, pHoenix Pagliacci, Eternia, and DJ Mel Boogie, along with a special opening performance by all-female break dance crew KeepRockinYou, join Michie Mee for the 25th anniversary of her debut album, Canadian Style.