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Born of a traditional parang group in 2003, MOKA has raised the bar to a new level in the genre of Caribbean music. Reflecting on the rich and diverse culture of the Caribbean and South America, the group performs a wide variety of music, including traditional Calypso, Folk, Jazz, Parang and Spanish folk songs. Audiences are certain to sit back or dance, while thoroughly enjoying the stimulating visual, rhythmic and melodious performances of this stunning group of high-accomplished artists.

Macomere Fifi 
Macomere Fifi burst onto the calypso scene in 1998 when she captured the calypso monarch of Canada title, and went on to win the first ever Calypso Queen competition that same year. A longstanding member of La Petite Musicale Toronto, Fifi began singing with this legendary choir immediately after moving to Toronto in 1987.

Kalabash is a Toronto-based jazz sextet that features some of the most dynamic jazz musicians in the city: Colleen Allen: saxes, flute, clarinet, Gareth Burgess: steel pans, Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo: drums, Anthony Pierre: percussion, Michael Shand: keyboards, Andrew Stewart: electric bass

Kuumba Sounds: Spirit of Calypso Warm Up



Get your tickets today for the Kuumba Sounds: Spirit of Calypso Main Event on Saturday, February 11, featuring performances by Shak Shak and Neu Jenarashun featuring Delee and Susan G.

The goal of the Kuumba Sounds series is to offer incentives for the creation and performance of a wide range of music by a growing community of composers, arrangers, players and singers. The projects’ artistic vision is one that embraces the genre’s 200-year old tradition. The music of the series will include traditional, vintage, classic, modern, and contemporary calypso, including musical styles calypso has spawned (e.g. soca, calypso jazz).

A major goal of Spirit of Calypso is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Canadian calypso and its popular contemporary dance music expression – soca. The series will demonstrate the genre’s cultural significance, its historical development and its impact on Caribbean music in general.

In partnership with Spirit of Calypso Productions.

Generously supported by
 Toronto Arts Council