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Photo: Che Marville


About the Children’s Own Media Museum:

The Children’s Own Media Museum is a mobile media museum for the global village where kids are the creators and teachers. Their first objective is to create a mobile media museum where children and families can learn to apprentice, mentor, explore, experiment and design together in the high touch world that travels across Ontario. The end goal is to create a permanent museum for the global village in Toronto.

Children's Own Media Museum



What does a blank space mean to you? We want to know! The west side of York Quay Centre will become a space where kids create their own portraits and become part of the museum "family." Choose your medium and start drawing! Portraits can be drawn by hand on paper, by hand on a touchscreen, taken with a camera, or taken with a camera and manipulated on the computer. Your finished portrait will be posted for everyone to see!

Learning Family
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