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a l l i e

With a propensity for mixing genres and creating an atmosphere that engulfs whoever discovers her music, a l l i e (pictured) has created a sound all her own. Being of Jamaican, Chinese, Irish, Scottish and Italian descent, she refuses to define herself as one thing and this rejection of classification permeates her music.

Drawing inspiration from old and new genres, Allie makes each song personal, with a voice that is equally imposing and sweet, raspy and deep. With lyrical content at times simple, at others complex, she is a woman expressing her world and letting her art speak for itself.


Toronto punk quartet the oOohh Baby Gimme Mores (The OBGMs) are a guaranteed booty-shaking, fist-pumping machine built to make you sweat on the dance floor.  Feeding off pure energy and oozing with infectious drums and catchy synth lines, The OBGMs are truly harbingers of the party groove.


In the summer of 2013, Maurice established a solo career that made a lot of industry executives very excited. In addition to recording, composing and producing most of his own material, Maurice has also collaborated with industry veterans such as Grammy-nominated producer Jerrin Howard (Wale & Miguel, “Lotus Flower Bomb”) and Arthur McArthur (Drake & Lil Wayne, “Uptown”, Big Sean, “My House”). With new management and a new brand, Maurice’s future is very bright – and at just 17 years old, the universe is the limit for this rising star.


At the age of 19, Gadda realized the heavily treaded path to a nine-to-five existence was not the trail he wanted to tread. With no past musical training, he took up the guitar and began to hone his budding passion for songwriting. Once he delved into music production, Gadda unwrapped an untapped realm of sound. Five years later, this flame is fully ignited, and he is ready to share it with the world.  Weaving the music of his soul through the strings of his guitar, Gadda transcends the boundaries of music to create an ethereal palate of experience.


Charmie Deller, a 17-year-old singer-songwriter and performance artist, gives hope to the future of Toronto's music scene. Currently harvesting her experience by performing at various local open mics, lounges and concerts, Charmie continues to mould her vision of creating timeless music.

As a Haitian-born artist currently living in the cities east end, she began exploring her singing gift at the tender age of nine. Known for her loving and humble demeanor, Charmie is also an inspiration to many artists she shares the stage with, specifically at R.I.S.E events. Like many artist’s she’s gone through much adversity.  In her young career, she’s already moved from Haiti and Montreal. After auditioning and being rejected from a talent show, she managed to get a spot the following year and placed last. The next year she saw herself back in the same show but this time holding a first place trophy.

In her last year of high school, she simultaneously takes performance development classes and is an avid performer at many local events. She dreams of one day moving her family out of their Scarborough neighborhood become closer by day. By night she manages to find time just being an enthusiastic, energetic 17-year-old.

Juvon Taylor

All it takes is one listen to Juvon Taylor to solidify that he is the newest up-and-coming R&B/pop artist out of Canada. Taylor, who has always had a love for music, has been taking professional vocal lessons since 2008 at such acclaimed Toronto schools as York Memorial, Etobicoke School of the Arts and Big Voice Studios.

The Known Unknown: Identify



The Known Unknown urban showcase presents local, underground talent that are destined to be the urban music stars of tomorrow.

DJ Starven Marvin will be spinning throughout the night.

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