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Events listing

Theatre Gargantua Presents Raging Dreams: into the visceral

May 4- 6, 2017

Raging Dreams: into the visceral transports audiences into a dream-like world of haunting melodies and striking images created by a cast of airborne performers.

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Laff-It-Off featuring Rum and Koke

May 26-27, 2017

Join us as Laff-It-Off gives a satirical look at local and regional scenarios with a mix of written script, improvisation and a tradition of including significant "late-breaking" developments.

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Northern Tapestry – A Lost World presented by Whistling Fish Theatre Productions

June 7, 2017

Northern Tapestry – A Lost World is a unique and inspiring multimedia show featuring the evocative lyrics and music of former TV host, Geoff Noble.

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Mimi’s Suitcase

July 29-30, 2017

Mimi's Suitcase is the true story of a teenage girl who returns to her native Iran from Spain in the midst of the 1980s Iran-Iraq war.

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