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5 Fingers, 1 Fist: Looking to the Future

February 7, 2015

5 Fingers + 1 Fist is a spoken word tribute designed specifically in honour of freedom fighters around the world. This unique universal message can be used to motivate, unite and inspire others to work together towards one common goal.

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Kenny Robinson’s Nubians on the Waterfront Comedy Show

February 7, 2015 19&22

Nubians on the Waterfront is a revue featuring some of the city’s finest up-and-coming comedians exploring identity, science fiction and the Afro-Canadian experience.

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Great Black North: An Afternoon of Poetry

February 8, 2015

Poets comprise a substantial portion of Afrofuturistic artistic practise, and their visions of what is to come are extremely important to our weekend-long investigation. Kuumba and IFOA are delighted to host the Toronto launch of the anthology of contemporary African Canadian poetry The Great Black North, with readings by Lillian Allen, Kevan Anthony Cameron, George Elliott Clarke, Afua Cooper, Sankofa Juba, Valerie Mason-John and Dwayne Morgan.

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All Our Happy Days Are Stupid

February 11-14, 2015

Author Sheila Heti's eclectic play tells the story of two families on permanent vacation, searching for contentment and authenticity outside the confines of their flat-fronted black and-white existence.

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The Cardinals

February 12-15, 2015

In near silence, a trio of red-robed evangelizing cardinals perform their abbreviated version of the Bible, ably assisted by their young, Muslim, female stage-manager. Odd and hilarious, Stan’s Cafe’s newest performance is an apparently simple meditation on the labour that goes into belief and the possibility of interfaith cooperation.

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The Object Lesson

February 18-22, 2015

Combining charmingly simple delivery and meticulous stagecraft, The Object Lesson is a meditation on the things we keep and the things we throw away. It is a magic act of storytelling by one of the US's most unusually gifted performers.

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March 4- 7, 2015

Choreographer William Yong proposes a future in which human labour produces energy and the pleasure of movement works to integrate technology into the social sphere.

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Disabled Theater

March 25-28, 2015

Disabled Theater is a profound reimagination of the stage and its possibilities – one that ultimately expands the humanity that we hold in common.

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Me So You So Me

April 15-18, 2015

Me So You So Me is a story in dance where manga-influenced slapstick transcends the limitations of the girl-boy duet and freely mixes martial arts, mime, kathak and ballet.

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This Is a Costume Drama

April 29-May 2, 2015

This Is a Costume Drama reveals how we transform, how we put on masks and how we celebrate – all as it turns the theatre into a landscape built for graphic spectacle.

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Gudirr Gudirr

May 6- 9, 2015

In Broome, Western Australia, where Asian, Australian-Indigenous and Western-settler cultures collide, a remarkable new intercultural expression is emerging. Gudirr Gudirr threads the physicality of contemporary dance through a vision of the rapid changes affecting Australia and its peoples.

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Toronto Masque Theatre presents Les Indes Mécaniques

May 14-15, 2015

A tale of love and machines, Les Indes Mecaniques is an exploration of 18th century France’s fascination with mechanical objects and the East. The piece was inspired by the clockwork devices popular at the time, including the famous androïd tympano player once owned by Marie-Antoinette.

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