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Harry Belafonte At 90: A Tribute Celebration

February 28, 2017

Through music, theatre, and moving images, and featuring a breathtaking array of Canadian talent, Culchahworks will pay tribute to the beloved singer, actor, humanitarian and social activist.

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Canadian Children’s Opera Company: Brundibár

March 3- 5, 2017

The Canadian Children’s Opera Company presents a special 75th Anniversary production of Brundibár, by Czech composer Hans Krása.

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April 4- 8, 2017

One of the most important Danish dance works of this millennium. Kitt Johnson distils movement from the far corners of the natural world. Her translation of this vocabulary onto the human body is so seamless that humanity itself appears insubstantial.

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LEAR: A Retrospective

April 5- 9, 2017

Canadian performance legend Clare Coulter and director Philip McKee grapple with King Lear’s story of broken legacy. Considering attachment theory and autobiography, LEAR: A Retrospective propels their improbable collaboration into intimate, sculptural, and immediate performance–an intergenerational dialogue about what is inevitable.

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April 6- 8, 2017

Steer imagines a future humanity where the boundary between flesh and technology becomes indistinct. Using real-time motion capture, infrared camera and accelerometer motion sensors, Steer virtually extends dancer William Yong’s movement. The visually stunning result shows the intersection of the human and the digital–and offers a glimpse the implications of sensory enhancement as much as the ethical predicament of the disembodied self.

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The Radio Show

April 11-15, 2017

The choreography of the MacArthur Genius award-winner Kyle Abraham proudly wears a multitude of signifiers: queer, black, high-modernist, popular. It is buoyant, irrepressibly sensual work. The Radio Show tackles the disappearance of the Motown and hip hop radio stations that soundtracked his youth.

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Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry

April 12-15, 2017

The involving and frequently unnerving “manual animations” of Daniel Barrow are by turns witty, vulnerable and grotesque–and the Winnipeg-born Sobey Art Award winner is a darkly insightful Canadian original. Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry is a runaway allegory that evokes nostalgia even as it expertly dissects it.

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April 13-16, 2017

An enormous scale model of Auschwitz fills the stage. We see a single, unremarkable day in a city purpose-built for the annihilation of human life, performed with the aid of thousands of handmade puppets. KAMP is, in every way, performance of necessity and a daring representation of the world we live in.

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My Arm

April 18-22, 2017

Endlessly curious about the possibilities of stage and audience, UK theatre artist Tim Crouch is perhaps one of the most influential experimental playwrights now working in the English language. 2005’s My Arm is an elegantly simple work that almost magically confirms Crouch’s insistence that interesting effect of theatre occurs in the minds of the audience.

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Mies Julie

April 19-22, 2017

Mies Julie is South African theatre-maker Yael Farber’s unforgettable representation of the echoes of injustice in a post-traumatic society. Farber is one of the major voices of contemporary South Africa, and in her incisive vision, August Strindberg’s classic story of class and gender in conflict comes to startling new life.

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Northern Tapestry – A Lost World presented by Whistling Fish Theatre Productions

June 7, 2017

Northern Tapestry – A Lost World is a unique and inspiring multimedia show featuring the evocative lyrics and music of former TV host, Geoff Noble.

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