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Disabled Theater

March 25-28, 2015

Disabled Theater is a profound reimagination of the stage and its possibilities – one that ultimately expands the humanity that we hold in common.

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Shane Koyczan

April 7-20, 2015

Internationally recognized author and spoken word artist Shane Koyczan has emerged as a poet who dares to belong to the people and speak to them in their own voice.

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Me So You So Me

April 15-18, 2015

Me So You So Me is a story in dance where manga-influenced slapstick transcends the limitations of the girl-boy duet and freely mixes martial arts, mime, kathak and ballet.

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the red light district, the marquise of O—

April 19, 2015

Ted Witzel and Lauren Gillis are the centre of the red light district, a Toronto company that makes theatre. Imagining their practice as a zone of suspended norms, they focus on “dead” texts from the Western European canon, approaching this material as they would approach games whose rules have been forgotten or revised past the point of legibility.

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This Is a Costume Drama

April 29-May 2, 2015

This Is a Costume Drama reveals how we transform, how we put on masks and how we celebrate – all as it turns the theatre into a landscape built for graphic spectacle.

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WIVES, feeled

May 2, 2015

WIVES are an all-woman performance collective based in Toronto and Montreal. WIVES make live shows and videos that combine naturalist staging with visceral experience and DIY aesthetics. The product of this combination is feminist fantasy. Their current work aims at the spectacle of professional sports. For HATCH 11 WIVES attempt to imagine an athletics that glorifies instinctual emotion while omitting the binary relations of winner and loser.

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Gudirr Gudirr

May 6- 9, 2015

In Broome, Western Australia, where Asian, Australian-Indigenous and Western-settler cultures collide, a remarkable new intercultural expression is emerging. Gudirr Gudirr threads the physicality of contemporary dance through a vision of the rapid changes affecting Australia and its peoples.

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Torn From the Pages with Miriam Toews, hosted by Dave Bidini

May 30, 2015

Torn from the Pages is an evening where the worlds of books and music collide. It's a frisson of prose and melody based on the ouevre of a single artist, in this case, Winnipeg's Giller nominated Miriam Toews.

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June 3- 6, 2015

A linear narrative, a realistic set and characters that, until just a minute ago, were the default voice of Western society – a father and his three sons, celebrating Christmas together at home. STRAIGHT WHITE MEN is a hilarious and provocative experiment in non-experiment.

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July 16, 2015

Part novel, part epic poem, David Rakoff’s biting, incisive and compassionate final work explores human fallibility and redemption through beautifully drawn characters, linked by acts both cruel and generous. Featuring illustrations by internationally renowned cartoonist Seth.

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