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Photo © Hamid Karimi

Compelled to create in and interpret the flamenco form, the dancers and musicians in this award winning company draw on the impulses that brought them to this demanding and rewarding art to create new works and expand on recent choreographic explorations. Joining our Canadian artists this year is acclaimed, new generation dancer/choreographer José Maldonado (Madrid) making his debut with EESDC performing and creating two new works for this production. He brings the experience of flamenco traditions and his contemporary vision to this ever evolving art.

The expression of the human condition through flamenco reveals truth, beauty and goodness. It holds honesty, dignity and integrity at its core. In this new production, we look at the forces that compel us to follow our artistic path in flamenco. We look inward, to deeply encounter our special connection to this art. The heart of flamenco comes from songs and their interpretation through communication between the singers, musicians and dancers, each playing their role in revealing their inner being and the essence of flamenco. This interaction propels the relationship of the artists on stage and creates a connection with the audience who also join in the experience.

Choreographers: Esmeralda Enrique, José Maldonado, Ana Morales, Juan Ogalla, Javier Latorre

Music Director: Caroline Planté (guitar)

Dancers: José Maldonado, Pamela Briz, Virginia Castro, Paloma Cortés, Alison MacDonald

Musicians: Manuel Soto (singer), Marcos Marin (singer), Benjamin Barrile (guitar), Derek Gray (percussion)


Esmeralda Enrique - Season 2019


Regular: $48 / 44 / 34
Student/Senior: $34 / 30 / 28

Prior to each performance, Esmeralda will lead an interactive presentation for audience members in the upper lobby to share information about flamenco and the performance they are about to see.

May 3 and 4 at 7pm
May 5 at 2pm

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