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Cara Spooner and Alicia Grant make films, installations, curated events, subtle interventions and performances. They come from a contemporary dance lineage and integrate the physicality of their dance backgrounds into their practice and conceptual performances. They collaboratively create art that amplifies, distorts and/or frames everyday experience, drawing attention to disparate details like personal space, contemporary mythology, architecture of food courts and how fast cars can actually move with dances, installations and question and answer periods. They merge inner and outer stimuli to create live art events that are a convergence of their own bodies and the world around them. Their interdisciplinary collaborations unpack the notion of artist as social being into a relational art practice.

For Body Cartography, they are using psycho-geographical concepts, urban cartographic methodology and the concept of "city as score" as a springboard for creation and performance. Psycho-geography is an approach to subjectively experiencing a city and using all of the senses to do so. This project evolved from a series of conversations and psycho-geographical bicycle scores they have created together. Using tactics such as experimental travel, drifting, "the second choice," alternative routes, intuitive timing and chance, a heightened relationship with the city is experienced. The question is this: How do we experience a place through memory/history and through our bodies?

Body Cartography | Alicia Grant and Cara Spooner

Regular: $12 Student/Senior or Arts Worker: $10


What happens if you slow-dance with a skyscraper?

A performance mixing disparate details of balancing on rooftops, walking home alone at night, raiding secret swimming pools and feeling too close to strangers with installation, dance and question and answer periods. Created in collaboration with visual artist Simon Rabyniuk and urban theorist Alex Marques, Body Cartography emphasizes and distorts the idea of a city within a city within a city within a city. Experience the places you think you know in a new way.

Dance Visual Arts
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