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M!M!M! Movies: Rahulís Arranged Marriage & When Chotalal Met Christina



Saturday, February 20, 2010
Studio Theatre
235 Queens Quay West

Rahul’s Arranged Marriage


In this short film, Mr. Shrivastava (Anurag) is trying arrange the marriage of his son Rahul (Sumeet) with the daughter of his friend Mr. Kapoor (Abhishek). Rahul is a modern man and doesn't believe in the concept of arranged marriages. Reluctantly he agrees to meet Mr. Kapoor's daughter. However, once he meets Ishaa (Devika Mathur), Rahul has a change of heart.


When Chotalal Met Christina


When Chotalal met Christina is a delightful comedy that's a throwback to the black and white era of silent films. The film depicts a young student from India coming to study at the LSE and being told by his parents, "No alcohol, no drugs and no girls!" However, as is so common with most students in their first taste of freedom, he travels to the West with the view that it would be the ultimate freedom. He discovers a beautiful Chinese student who is repelled by his traditional clothes and behaviour. He goes for counselling, stalks the girl and rescues her from a gang of attackers. Does she fall for him in the end?

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