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About The Swingle Singers:
The Swingle Singers, based in London, England, are an international a cappella phenomenon whose history dates back to 1962. For over four decades, the unmistakable sound of “Swingle singing” has defined the art form: virtuosic vocal agility and blend demonstrated by their signature close-microphone technique, combined with high-level entertainment that has thrilled audiences around the globe. Their repertoire encompasses classical, jazz, Latin, pop and rock, all accompanied by their own vocal rhythm section. The Swingle Singers have performed all across the UK, US, Asia, and virtually every country in Europe, have released over 50 recordings, and have won five Grammy Awards.

Singing without a Safety Net




Sunday, April 15, 2012
Brigantine Room
235 Queens Quay West

Whether you are an amateur chorister, an experienced improviser, or have never sung before, you will be challenged to push your limits. Members of the Swingle Singers combine their years of experience to guide you safely through a fun and intense time of exploration, and help bring out the improviser in you!
Topics include: sound painting, circle songs, vocal sound track, the infernal machine and other improv games combining rhythm, harmony and physical movement. These are all ice-breaking, inspirational and fun exercises that you will be able to take home with you to try with your choir, your students, fellow musicians and friends.

Bring your voice and your imagination. Leave your inhibitions and preconceptions at the door. Discover the beauty of singing without a safety net!

Music Learning
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