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Te Pou Rahui Performance Workshop



Monday, August 13, 2012
184 Mohawk Street, Brantford ON

Join Te Pou Rahui for this unique workshop consisting of an MB (Muscle & Bone, Mind & Body) class, a 30-minute showing of performance works by Charles Koroneho, and a discussion of image work and its relation to Indigenous choreographic practices.

MB: Muscle & Bone, Mind & Body, is a vigorous, rhythmical, dynamic movement and spatial training system – encouraging participants to experience the limit of their flexibility, endurance and spatial expansion. The MB workout is about understanding ones depth of relation to the ground, working the space together and the communal body. It is in affect another way of working, a preparation for performance.

This workshop honours the essential connections to territories that remian unchanged, while people gather to teach one another each other's traditions and dances. Join this gathering in the Orientation Room of The Woodland Cultural Centre.

In partnership with
Creative New Zealand

Dance Learning Off-site at WCC
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