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Still from Suddenly Sámi


Director Ellen-Astri Lundby (b. 1959) has worked in film and TV since 1989. She is known for making humorous and crafty short films, both fiction and documentaries. Her films usually have a humoristic touch, despite often dealing with serious topics. She also wrote the screenplay for the short film Salt and Pepper, which was aired as part of a four-part series under the title Love is… on Norwegian TV2 in the fall of 2001. Lundby has also worked as a freelance reporter for newspapers and specialized journals.

Suddenly Sámi (Min mors hemmelighet)

August 19, 2012


Suddenly Sámi is a personal film about identity. During the director’s childhood and youth in Oslo her mother never told her about her indigenous Sámi background in the Arctic area of Norway. Why didn't she? And how can the director suddenly become Sámi in the middle of life? And does she really want to?

Winner of the 2009 Tromsø International Film Festival: Honorary Mention, and winner of the 2009 Sami Film Festival, Guovdageaidnu: The Corvoš Award. Subtitled in English.

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Everyone: FREE
Sun, August 19
Studio Theatre
Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West
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