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Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Rayzak has had 10 years as a global music ambassador touring with close friend and musical collaborator K’Naan, resulting in multi-platinum hits and sharing the stage with Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Damian Marley, Coldplay, Mos Def, Neil Young and many more. He has also had the privilege of performing for Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton. Rayzak’s lifelong love for Somali music stirred the creation of his debut EP, Born In Transit on emergent Toronto label Pirates Blend. Rayzak’s sound is equal parts Somaliland and Toronto, a combination of the traditions of his homeland and those of his adopted home. As he prepares to release his latest recording, Rayzak is about to break big and will, no doubt, be one of the world's most important and widely-heard voices. A citizen of many places, with deep roots in several communities and geographic locations, he embodies the idea of the global citizen. Rayzak digs deep into his own traditions, absorbing the forms and inspirations of his new home, and creating a new form that appeals to audiences of mainstream domestic music as well as to deeper followers of global music trends makes him the perfect subject under which a variety of festival-goers can unite.



Somali-American singer, songwriter and musician Rayzak Hassan was born in Northern Somalia, in a region known today as Somaliland. Canadian music fans know him from his work with K’Naan, but in recent months, Rayzak has come into his own, and is on the verge of breaking into the mainstream.

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