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Of All the People in All the World presented by Siemens


presented by SIEMENS


 "Part amused, part amazed, one wanders through the hall, looks, marvels, and understands."
- Neue Züricher Zeitung


One of Britain's most innovative theatre companies, Stan's Cafe, brings their internationally acclaimed performance installation, Of All The People In All The World to Harbourfront Centre.


Using 15 tonnes of rice, this company brings local, national and global statistics to startling and powerful life. Each grain of rice equals one person and each statistic is represented by a finely counted and weighted pile of rice. From the number of military serving in Afghanistan to the number of Canadians who eat fast food every day, this ever changing and interactive landscape of rice will give new insight on how one measures up in the world.


The juxtapositions promise to move, shock, provoke and bring a smile to your face. You'll never look at a grain of rice (or your life) the same way again. Admission to this spectacular installation is complimentary, courtesy of Harbourfront Centre.


Want a sneak peak of the installation?
Check out the interactive experience!


Please note, the rice from this presentation will be donated to food banks and animal shelters across North America.


Don't let the World pass you by!


British Council

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