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Jumblies Theatre
Jumblies Theatre is a Toronto-based organization with a national and international reach that engages in collaborations between professional artists and diverse people and communities, and equips, mentors and supports others to do so. Jumblies expands where art happens, who gets to be part of it, what form it takes and which stories it tells. This imperative has led us outside of specialized art places, and to place participation and radical inclusion at the core of our projects.

Jumblies was founded by Ruth Howard, building on several decades of experience as a designer in professional and popular theatre, and particularly inspired by a form of Community Play brought to Canada from England in 1990 by Dale Hamilton and the Colway Theatre Trust (now Claque Theatre). Ruth and Jumblies have produced residencies in a series of Toronto neighbourhoods and communities, resulting in large-scale performance events and three locally-based independent offshoots.



Over the course of the day, help to build, populate and animate a miniature world out of assorted art supplies and found objects – expressing experiences, memories, stories and imaginings of wintery Northern landscapes. 

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