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Gemma Mae Halligan
Gemma Mae Halligan is an actor based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has worked in theatre and film throughout Ireland. Gemma is also a theatre maker and one half of Amadan. She has been creating clown and Bouffon theatre with her husband Jude since 2013. Gemma directed Mr. Mess.

Jude Quinn
Jude Quinn (Mr. Mess), the other half of Amadan, trained at the Lecoq and Gaulier schools in Paris, France and has worked as an actor all over Ireland, UK and toured ‘Egg’ in USA with Cahoots NI. Jude also worked as a Clown Doctor in Northern Ireland where he lives.

Mr. Mess



Saturday, May 20 – Monday, May 22, 2017
Stage in the Round
235 Queens Quay West

Mr. Mess wants to do his show but nothing’s going to plan. Expect lots of uppity umbrellas, bursting balloons and strange suitcases in this charming performance.

Hosted by Moo Moo Wow Wow.

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