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Photo: Isaac Akrong

Isaac Akrong hails from the Ga people of the coastal belt of Ghana and from an early age was immersed in the traditions of his culture. His love of traditional music led him to the University of Ghana, School of Performing Arts where he completed an undergraduate degree. He joined the Ghana Dance Ensemble of the Institute of African Studies; where he continued with his learning of traditional music performing a multitude of different cultural dances. Isaac holds a Masters degree in dance and a PhD in Ethnomusicology and teaches African music and dance at York University. He is the founder of the African Dance Ensemble performing group.

"My goal is to propagate the message of African culture, and explain everything possible about it. I am building on the knowledge that exists so that people will understand African music and dance more."

Kpanlogo Dance Workshop with Isaac Akrong


Everyone: FREE
Sunday, August 13
South Lawn Tent

Kpanlogo dance is a youthful recreational dance form of the Ga people of Ghana. Learn the steps and rhythms of this fisher-folk dance with gestures and intricate footwork reflecting messages and depicting the fishing trade.

Dancer, choreographer, instructor and researcher Isaac Akrong leads this traditional dance workshop for all ages.

Dance Learning
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