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Visual Arts

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Visual Arts Exhibitions Summer 2017

June 24-September 17, 2017

Our summer exhibitions include Legacies 150, co-presented with the National Film Board of Canada, a collection of stories from Canadians of all walks of life reflecting on legacy and inheritance through photography.

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Ydessa Hendeles: The Milliner's Daughter

June 27-September 4, 2017

The Power Plant presents Ydessa Hendeles' first retrospective exhibition at a public institution.

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Photography Contest Exhibition

July 28-30, 2017

View the winning photos of Tirgan 2017 photography contest, whose theme was ‘Benevolence’.

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The Freedom Sculpture

July 29-30, 2017

The Freedom Sculpture will honour the shared humanitarian ideals of Cyrus the Great and the Founding Fathers of America.

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Pomegranate Installation by Keyvan Fehri

July 29-30, 2017

The installation will be an outdoor exhibition of 600-700 real size pomegranates in different designs where neither two are the same.

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Sunday Scene: Rui Amaral

August 6, 2017

Rui Mateus Amaral is Director and Curator at Scrap Metal in Toronto, Canada. In this role, Amaral has produced We are safe and all is well in our world in 2017, The Sophie La Rosiere Project in 2016 and Autocontusion, also in 2016. He holds an MFA in Criticism and Curatorial Studies at OCAD University. Mateus Amaral will discuss Ydessa Hendeles’ exhibition The Milliner’s Daughter.

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Panel Discussion: Remembrance and Difference

August 10, 2017

To explore the themes in The Milliner's Daughter, The Power Plant will host a panel discussion led by Dr. Shelley Hornstein, professor of Architectural History and Visual Culture at York University, and author of and contributor to multiple books and anthologies related to memory in visual art, especially following the atrocities of the Second World War. Panelists will include Toronto-based artist Jessica Karuhanga; Dr. Carson Phillips, Managing Director, Neuberger Holocaust Centre; and more.

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Africanish Style Fashion

August 12, 2017

Designers Diellia Touré and Penda Soumaré from Africanish Style will present the latest trends in African clothing, traditional jewellery, shoes and miscellaneous items created and designed for your style.

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Power Kids: Family Trees

August 13, 2017

Ydessa Hendeles’ The Milliner’s Daughter, includes a photograph of the artist at age six, taken by her father soon after her family immigrated to Canada. Inspired by the artist’s story of migration, this program will reflect your family’s growth. Each participant, working closely with their adult companions, will create a colourful tree structure that will grow and change as they learn about their family members. After choosing what kind of tree your family might resemble, use wire and wood to build the main structure and add small leaves or fruits to represent family members.

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Delicate Play with Nature

August 26-27, 2017

Let your imagination carry you and be spirited away to ancient Japan by Instructor Jean Liao and her fellow artists' creations, and prepare to learn the art, Ikebana, yourself!

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Who Am I?!

August 26, 2017

To a group of Taiwanese artists, whose lives and social identities were forever flickering between their past Taiwanese/Chinese heritage and now Japanese nationality, the priceless question of a lifetime was: Who Am I?!

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Sunday Scene: Sergei Petrov

August 27, 2017

Sergei Petrov is Professor of Film Studies at Durham College and Executive Director at both Scarborough Arts and the Scarborough Worldwide Film Festival. Prior to this, he programmed films for the Toronto International Film Festival and Canadian Film Centre, in addition to consulting for numerous national and international film festivals. Petrov will discuss Ydessa Hendeles’ exhibition The Milliner’s Daughter.

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