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Bev Koski, Banff Number 4, 2012. Beads over tourist kitsch. Image courtesy of artist.


The Artists:

Christian Chapman, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Bev Koski, Jean Marshall, Tania Willard, Luke Parnell, Maika'i Tubbs

Curated by Lisa Myers.



Objects tell a story and reveal a history through the way they are made. While value is often measured in terms of speed and efficiency, NOT SO FAST invites a reconsideration of time and place to reveal different kinds of value.

This exhibition brings together works by seven Indigenous artists who address the many products and by products of consumer society including communication, stereotypes, obsolescence, extinction, colonialism, fast food, ideas of tradition and more! Together they offer layered and complex conversations from diverse critical perspectives.

NOT SO FAST welcomes the audience to slow down and spend some time.

A FREE opening night reception will take place Thursday, July 19 from 6-10pm in York Quay Centre.

NOT SO FAST will be on display from July 20 - September 23, 2012.

Visual Arts Craft & Design