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Works of the following artists will be part of this exhibit.

Anna Banana
A distinctive voice in the fields of conceptual, performance and mail-art, Anna Banana is a pioneer of participatory art practices. Born in Victoria, BC in 1940, she began her career as a textile artist in the 1960s. Anna Banana's recent exhibition Anna Banana: 45 Years of Fooling Around with A. Banana is a celebration of Anna's long and accomplished career. By invitation from LunarFest, Anna will bring her works on Banana to interact with the monkeys of LunarFest.

Anna Banana: 45 Years of Fooling Around with A. Banana 

Sherri Rogers
A Vancouver-based artist who works as a digital artist in the visual effects industry, Sherri Rogers illustrates news headlines and the collision of wild animals in the urban environment. Tackling environmental issues, carnivorous clashes and so-called civilization, her paintings illustrate the disconnection between humans and the natural landscape, and imagine the consequences when people come face to face with the animal world.

Beth Agosti
A Burnaby based artist with a background in visual and performing arts, Beth Agosti has worked internationally as a puppet, mask and props builder, costume fabricator, scenic painter, set decorator, writer and performer for independent film and theatre. Beth graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Fine Arts Department and trained with puppet masters Miroslav Trejtnar, Zdar Sorm and Marek Becka in the Czech Republic. Beth is currently exploring the language of contemporary puppetry through creations for theatre, film, site specific performance pieces and musical performances. She has devoted many years to teaching workshops and mentoring on various art mediums in the Metro Vancouver area.

Hsin-Fu Hung
Hsin-Fu Hung is a Taiwanese paper sculpture artist who has long been fascinated with the little creatures of the world. With a profound ability to translate the characteristics and movements of creatures to his origami-like works, Mr. Hung captures the imagination of all ages. An earlier work – an interactive paper sculpture exhibit of an endangered salmon species in Asia – was previously exhibited at LunarFest in 2012.

See Hsin-Fu Hung's work on Youtube.

Yen-Chun Lu
Yen-Chun Lu is an emerging visual arts artist who has received awards for her works in illustration books. Many of her lantern works have brought joy to children across Taiwan during recent Lunar New Years. Yen-Chun is always interested in doing works about where she grew up and has started creating and curating works about the farms in her hometown.

Jhao-Jhen Chen
With a degree in visual arts design, Ms. Chen had worked with young children as an arts teacher. Like many young designers and artists, she has explored many media for her works and is excited to be invited to work with LunarFest monkeys.

Walter Kao
Walter Kao is the designer of the LunarFest monkey. The monkey, with movable arms, legs, tail and a led light in the buttock, is created to engage with everyone who wishes to celebrate Lunar New Year. Walter is a second-year arts student at Emily Carr University and is passionate about animation.

Green Apple Art Centre
Green Apple Art Centre, located in Vancouver, Canada, has 15 years of substantial teaching experience, and aids in post secondary applications and arts training. Thousands of students enrolled into Post-Secondary Institutions through our professional guidance: Ivy League schools, top 10 Architectural Design Universities in North America, and numerous Art and Design institutions including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Digital Animation, Film, Game Design, Visual Arts, Digital Multimedia Arts, Photography, etc.

Reflections What do we see in monkeys?


Everyone: FREE
Saturday, February 20
Marilyn Brewer Community Space
Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West
Sunday, February 21
Marilyn Brewer Community Space
Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West

When a group of monkeys stares at a banana, is this the ultimate display of manners, or the early sign of a struggle? In a jungle, are monkeys and other animals cohabiting, or trying to survive? In a family, are we close-knit, or a family that burdens its members with many expectations? Amongst friends, are we always looking for honest opinions or pleasing words?

Lunar New Year is a time for friends and families to reunite; it can also be a time to embrace new perspectives on our lives and civilization.

Reflections is a one of a kind visual art exhibit featuring works by leading artists from Taiwan and Canada.

Visual Arts