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Saidah Baba Talibah is the daughter of Obie award-winner and Tony- and Grammy-nominated Salome Bey, Canada's Queen of Jazz, Blues and Spirituals, and the niece of Andy Bey, also a Grammy-nominated musician. She offers up a distinct and fluid blend of bluesy rock, deep funk and hot, buttered soul with a voice that can go from a seductive, soft purr to a powerful bellow at the turn of a dime.


Born and raised in Canada, her music has been greatly influenced by Toronto's musical and ethnic enclaves. She first created stories that reflect the multitude of sounds and styles emanating from the city as a founding member of the seminal soul/rock group Blaxäm and was prominently featured on their 1998 EP, Kiss My Afro. Her most recent project, The Phone Demos, came out on digital release this past October. Talibah will preview songs on her highly anticipated debut (S)Cream!




DJ L'Oqenz (pronounced Eloquence)

DJ L'Oqenz's passion for music and undeniable skills on the turntables have made her a sought after commodity at home in Toronto and abroad. A true lover of music, she’s not confined to one genre. Spinning everything from hip hop to house, L'Oqenz has the ability to fuse it all. L'Ogenz also co-hosted Cypha − one of Canada’s first television programmes dedicated to hip hop music. The show acted as a platform for artists like Saukrates, Kardinall Offishal, Common Sense and Gang Starr among others.

Saidah Baba Talibah



An accomplished singer and songwriter, Saidah Baba Talibah lives through audiences with her powerful voice, which can go from a seductive, soft purr to a powerful bellow at the turn of a dime.


Tunes will be spun by special guest DJ L'Oqenz.


A 19+ event.