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In Search of Rastafari


Rastafari Then & Now: A Message from Jamaica
Nation Cheong, a Rastafarian community youth worker and African drummer, is concerned about youth violence and wonders if the principles and values of Rastafari has something to benefit today's youth. To find an answer to his question, he gathers a group of black youth and takes them on a journey of discovery into Toronto’s Rastafarian community. Along the way, he re-connects with some of his elders and also discovers that he has a few unanswered questions about his walk with Rastafari. This leads him to travel to Jamaica, the birthplace of Rastafari, for the very first time. What will he discover there?

(2008, English, 50 min., Canada)


The film is preceded by:


In Search of Rastafari: A Soul's Journey

Bob Marley, a Rasta prophet and music icon of the 20th century, almost single-handedly spread Rastafari to the rest of the world through his powerful lyrics and music. Twenty-seven years later, his granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast, is embarking on an epic journey of faith and self discovery while uncovering her own sense of purpose as both a Rastafarian and a daughter of the Marley dynasty. Her journey is accompanied by an inspirational reggae soundtrack.

(2009, English, 7 min, Canada)