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Photo: Jeremy James


About Idee Fixe:

Philip McKee is an up and coming director who has received critical acclaim for, amongst other things, the 2010 projects SIA and Foster Child Play.

For Lear, he is working collaboratively with a number of established artists including Clare Coulter (actor) Alex Napier (playwright), Kate Whitehead (designer), Elina Kelebeev (pianist), Paul Matthews (filmmaker), Rose Plotek (director) and others, hoping to explore creative complicity and build on the collective experience of these talented artists.

The exploration of Lear will build on the experience of three of the artists (Clare, Kate, and Philip) when they worked together on an adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s La Voix Humaine, presented at ZOOFEST in 2009.



Tickets:$15 Students/Seniors/Industry:$12

Friday, March 25 – Saturday, March 26, 2011
Studio Theatre
235 Queens Quay West

As he nears his death, Lear has a personal crisis. He needs his daughters to prove their love for him, and in exchange, he’ll give them his fortune. When the most sincere and beloved of his children says she cannot offer proof of her love in language, he banishes her from his house and from his life.

Idée Fixe’s searing adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear examines the experience of the divided self, the difference between knowing and not knowing, and our reasons for doing the things we know we shouldn’t.

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