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Total dance immersion! These full day, multi-disciplinary hands-on programmes, offered in partnership with this NextSteps 2008-2009 company, afford students the rare oppourtunity to be immersed in contemporary dance. Each programme includes a matinee performance, a dance workshop with company members, and a visual art, dramatic arts, or narrative writing workshop with School Visits educators.


Behind the Curtain with COBA (Collective of Black Artists)
Grades K – 8
24, 25, 26 Feburary 2009

Full day includes matinee and workshop.
Half-day includes matinee only.


Saraca and Portrait (45 min)
Students participate in an authentic in-theatre experience of excerpts from Saraca, an engaging take on the traditional Yoruba ritual of ancestor reverence and Portrait, an exploration of race and equality set to the music of Nina Simone. Following the matinee, students are invited to engage in an interactive Q&A session with COBA performers.


Roots and Rhythm with COBA arists (60 min)
Most African and Caribbean music is based on the concept of poly-rhythms, created when two or more rhythms are played together to create one harmonious sound, while still allowing the rhythms to be heard and identified individually. In this workshop, students will work with an instructor and drummer in small groups to explore rhythmic patterns from the performance and recreate poly-rhythms using practice drums.


For more information, call the School Visits Registrar at 416.973.4091 now!

COBA (Collective of Black Artists) | Banta

Tickets: $32 | $25 Student/Senior: $25 | $20 NextSteps Package: $27 | $20 Student/Senior Package: $20 | $18


COBA continues to push the boundaries of tradition in Canadian dance with a unique physical language that ranges from African to contemporary. In this, their 16th season, COBA presents Banta, a dynamic and versatile programme of dance and live music. Artistic Co-Founders Charmaine Headley and BaKari E. Lindsay present world premieres of Passage, Inner Voice and Tutu, along with last season’s favourite, Sis Robin Hibbert’s Doun Doun Dance, a traditional West African work exploding with rhythm and movement.