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Shirley Lum, culinary historian, literary detective, Ghost Walk guide, is the founder of A Taste of the World walks since its inception in 1993. You might find her voice familiar if you're CBC Radio fans. Twice this year, she was interviewed by Rita Celli, host of Ontario Today:

Some may have seen her as a guest on various TV food shows or featured in various local and national newspapers and magazines like the Toronto Star, National Post and Globe and Mail.

Dumplings to Desire Cooking Demo: Pork & Chives and Pork & Bok Choy Dumplings


Everyone: FREE
Saturday, August 21
Lakeside Terrace Tent
Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West

Dumplings to Desire is a food series exploring the dumpling and its incarnations across provinces, countries and regions. It will serve up diverse dumplings from across Asia, anything from Tibetan momos to Korean Mandu to Chinese Jiǎozi to Japanese Dango.

In this incarnation of Dumplings to Desire, the critically acclaimed Mother’s Dumplings Restaurant (rated “Best $5 Lunch” by NOW) teams up with the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter to not only demonstrate how to create their favourite Chinese dumplings, but also bring out the fascinating stories behind owning and operating a dumpling restaurant in Toronto.

Hosted by Shirley Lum.