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August 1, 3-7pm

CaribbeanTales at Island Soul: Queens of our Music
A celebration of Caribbean and Caribbean-Canadian divas who rock the mic from Toronto to Havana!

3pm - Destra: "Bachannal"
Music video from Destra Garcia's 2009 album, Hott. Directed by S*Felix and Lisa Wickham.

3:10pm - Tanya Mullings: Music is My Life
The Canadian born diva who has won the heart of fans all across Canada and the Caribbean was the daughter of the late great Jamaican reggae music producer Karl Mullings. This intimate film reflects on her art and relationship with her famous dad. Directed by Mars Horodyski.

3:35pm - Tara Woods: AKA Macomere Fifi
Before she became “Macomere Fifi” the award-winning Calypso Queen, she was Tara Woods, a teacher from Tobago. The film charts her evolution from church chorister to Caribbean folk singer to a formidable contender on the male-dominated calypso scene, and reveals the inspiration of her calypso, Canadian-style.

4pm - Saidah Baba Talibah: Stepping Out
A truly gifted performer, Saidah is the daughter of Canadian music royalty. Her mother is the legendary Canadian jazz singer Salome Bey, and her father, the equally highly respected Kittitian music producer Howard Matthews. Her music, like her personality, exudes a shimmering depth and power. Directed by Mars Horodyski.

4:25pm - Blood
This film features Canadian-based dub poet d'bi Young and Cuban female hip hop group Las Krudas. The film is part extraordinary music video (shot on location around Havana, Cuba) and part entertaining after dinner conversation between d’bi and friends. Directed & produced by Judy Singh.

5:10pm - Miss Lou: Then and Now
Louise Bennett was a Jamaican icon. The country's leading author, poet and comedienne, Miss Lou pioneered the use of the Jamaican language, raising the patois dialect to an art level and reflecting the truth and essence of Jamaican life. In this intimate film Louise reflects on her rich life story and her illustrious body of work with fellow Jamaican actor, the great Leonie Forbes.

5:35pm - Queens of Sound: A Herstory of Reggae and Dancehall
The first feature-length documentary to explore the long-neglected female side of reggae and dancehall music in Jamaica. Three generations of women in the Jamaican music business tell us about their role in past and present, their first steps into the career, their struggle for acceptance in a male-dominated business, their life paths and their big successes. Musicians including Marcia Griffiths, Tanya Stephens, Sasha, Cecile, Chevelle Franklyn, Queen Ifrica, Macka Diamond and Lady G, plus characters from behind the scenes give us an understanding of Jamaica's music scene from a female point of view.

6:50pm - Panel discussion
Don't miss this panel discussion on women in reggae, featuring Tasha Rosez, Empress Divine and more!

August 1, 7:30-9pm

Caribbean Tales at Island Soul – Tribes

A brand new drama directed by Jamaica’s hottest music video director RAS KASSA. (Welcome to Jamrock and The Mission). Set in Trinidad and Tobago, Tribes takes viewers on a rollercoaster of love, life and lessons learned. Written by Jamaican Ed Wallace, the story centred around Jamahl, an undefeated stick-fighter and popular radio DJ, he finds that an unexpected twist in his personal life threatens to destroy everything. With support from his best friend and family, Jamahl realizes it’s not how hard you fall, but how you get up that counts.

August 2, 2.30-5pm

Caribbean Tales at Island Soul - Fresh New Voices and Visions in Caribbean film and television

2:30pm - Directions
No one gives directions like a Trinidadian. Ask a Trini how to get to somewhere and he’ll send you on a roundabout route guaranteed to get you hopelessly lost. In this short documentary of that endearing and frustrating phenomenon, a number of persons are asked to give directions to a well-known Port of Spain landmark, with hilarious results. Directions won the Best Short Film/People’s choice Award at the 2008 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. Canadian premiere.

2:45pm - The Power of the Vagina
Trinidadian Jimmel Daniel’s The Power of the Vagina, takes a hilarious and entertaining look at sexual politics in Trinidad and Tobago. Canadian premiere.

3:10pm - Trapped in an Elevator
After forgetting his wife’s birthday, Carlton Jones heads into the city to buy gifts to win back her heart. On his way back to his car, he goes for a wild ride on a malfunctioning elevator with five other people: Stacy Adams and her unruly teenage daughter Tracy, Lee who was forced to end a relationship with his fiancée and best friends Susan and Patricia who, unknown to each other, shared more than a friendship. Canadian premiere.

3:30pm - Simply Muta
The first of a series of weekly TV shows set in locations in Jamaica starring the militant Rastafari poet/philosopher Mutabaruka as host. This brutally frank “barefoot Rasta,” is one of Jamaica's most toured performers, and spoken word artists. As a music selector/radio DJ over 18 years, he has often raised eyebrows, eliciting comments of surprise at his well-rounded musical taste. This extraordinary locally-produced television program unapologetically gives voice to his unconventional opinions on a wide range of topics relevant to Jamaicans and the world. Canadian premiere.

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