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B2 a collaboration between Sampradaya Dance Creations and Ballet Jorgen




Saturday, July 26
Concert Stage
235 Queens Quay West


Borders:  Classical South Asian Dance meets Classical Ballet. is a daring exploration of the confluence of bharatanatyam and ballet choreographed by Lata Pada Sampradaya Dance Creations and Ballet Jorgen Canada.

A cross-road of cultural traditions, the daring B2 (pronounced "B-squared") explores the classicism of ballet and bharatanatyam, while examining the counterpoints of both forms of artistic movement.  Shaped by the perpetual introspective questioning of bharatanatyam's meaningfulness to her own life, Lata Pada asked England's virtuoso soloist and avant-garde choreographer Mavin Khoo to create a piece that challenges bharatanatyam and forges a new realm of possibilities, imagery and virtuosity.  Developed through a joint choreo-residency between Toronto's Ballet Jörgen Canada and SAMPRADAYA Dance Creations in 2006, B2 is a confluence of ballet and bharatanatyam, without fusion; each retaining its own form and uniqueness in the performance space.  B2 features Mavin Khoo accompanied by four dancers from each accomplished company.  A striking dialogue between these two classical dance forms, this abstract work also serves as a metaphor of two of India's holiest rivers: the Ganga and Yamuna.  Like the Sangam formed by the confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna, B2 is the result of a convergence of two distinct and influential forms of dance.  B2 is a co-production with the Canada Dance Festival and a co-creation of SAMPRADAYA Dance Creations and Ballet Jörgen Canada.

Sampradaya Dance Creations is at the forefront of South Asian dance in Canada. It is a dynamic Canadian dance company, internationally recognized for forging new paradigms in Canada's dance landscape. The company was founded in 1990 by Artistic Director Lata Pada, internationally acclaimed for her excellence in bharatanatyam. Lata is the creative force behind the Company and has carved out a unique niche for its work that spans a stunning range of solo and ensemble choreography.
The Company is committed to showcasing bharatanatyam as a universal art form as it explores diverse movement styles, contemporary themes and innovative dance creations.

Ballet Jörgen Canada was founded in 1987 to create an opportunity for Canadian choreographers and original new works in classical ballet. Since that time, the company has grown to become Ontario's second largest dance company and progressively, a national centre of choreographic development. It is recognized internationally for entrepreneurial innovation, commitment to choreographic originality and artistic excellence.