Ask more. Explore more. Discover more.
This is World Stage.

At World Stage, we believe the way to the contemporary – to the new, the different, the startling, the invigorating – starts by wanting more. "More" tests our limits and accesses unknown places, and we are better for having sought them out.

World Stage 2016 brings varied contemporary work from across the globe to Toronto, welcoming productions from Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Palestine.

They are productions that wonder how we can be better versions of ourselves. They offer more views of our shared but so often fractured world. They invite you to take part: ask more, explore more and discover what performance can be.

7 exceptional international productions.
A world of possibilities.

Upcoming Extras

Wednesday, May 25, 7pm

Backstage in Biscuit Land – Pre-show Tea

Performance details

Thursday, May 26, After the show

Backstage in Biscuit Land – Talkshow

Performance details

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