The #artlive Vogue Ball

Harbourfront Centre & House of Nuance


About the Event

World Stage 2014 launches with style. This year we’re playing with our hometown heroes and heroines from the House of Nuance to mark a new year of live art, and our very own #artlive to follow its every move. Hosted by Mother Trouble Nuance, and DJ’d by John Caffery, this will be a party where your only worries will be your own inhibitions.

If you haven’t been to a ball, you’re in for a treat. Think Paris is Burning. You don’t need to come with any walking experience, but we’re telling you now, you’ll probably leave with some. Vogue, Bizarre, Face, Realness, Hairography – whatever it is, it’s #artlive.

Dress as your most authentic self, whether that includes taffeta or lederhosen, it’s all allowed and highly encouraged. Join us as we celebrate the beginning of World Stage 2014 with some of the season’s players and Toronto’s most inspiring ball performers at the most dramatic party of the New Year.

Runs 8pm ’til late. Ball events/Legends, Statements and Stars start at 9pm.

About the company

The House of Nuance was born in 2012, and has been stirring up a storm in the Canadian ballroom and vogue scene ever since. With several successful and well attended balls under their belt, the House of Nuance has set its sights on continuing to bring the energy of a ball to the widest possible audience. Featuring Mother Trouble, Father Titus, and the kids Lady Ice, Chilli, Vintage, Kash, Pooh Bear, Tigger and Paris Nuance, the house preaches a message of inclusivity, education, love and mutual respect. The House of Nuance believes that your true self can be realized on the runway.