Every Song I’ve Ever Written

PME-ART / Jacob Wren


Presented by World Stage in association with The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

About the Performance

From 1985 to 2004, Jacob Wren wrote 58 songs that few people have ever heard. In a way, because hardly anyone has listened to them, they don’t yet exist — not without you. Spanning performance platforms, Every Song I’ve Ever Written is an interactive project with ambitious ideas and a mixtape heart. It examines certain personal regrets about the past, while also exploring the much larger cultural shift in how we listen to and understand music. Lend an ear and discover what songwriting, musical community and collaboration mean in the internet age.

This work is divided into three parts:

The Website. everysongiveeverwritten.com is a catalogue of all the original work, where you can download any of the 58 songs and upload your own version.

The Solo Performance. Jacob performs the entire catalogue of songs in chronological order. You’re free to come and go, or grab a drink and watch the entire performance.

The Band Night. Five Toronto bands take to the stage for a one-night-only concert of Jacob’s music, along with discussion about songs and the internet.

Co-produced with FFT-Düsseldorf, supported by NRW foundation (Germany), CALQ and CAM

About PME-ART / Jacob Wren

An eccentric performer and writer, Jacob Wren is also co-artistic director of PME-ART. His recent novel Polyamorous Love Song was included in The Globe and Mail‘s Top 100 Books of 2014.

Through performances, installation, public process and theoretical and practical research, interdisciplinary group PME-ART confronts its contemporary practice via local, national and international artistic collaborations. Combining creation, exploration, critical reflection, dissemination and casual yet significant interactions with various publics, the work is an ongoing process of questioning the world, of finding the courage to say things about the current predicament that are direct and complex, of interrogating the performance situation.


About Maylee Todd

Maylee Todd is a dynamic and multi-faceted artist. Her creativity derives its inspiration from a wide range of artistic disciplines: songwriting, production, film, performance art, and design. Maylee’s music combines organic and electronic forms, blending disparate influences into soulful, harmonious and uncompromising vibrations.


About Snowblink

Snowblink’s Daniela Gesundheit writes non-denominational devotional pop music. She was a featured vocalist alongside Brian Eno on Owen Pallett’s In Conflict and on Chris Hadfield’s Songs From a Tin Can – the first record ever to be recorded in space. Snowblink has released two critically acclaimed records, with a third studio album due out September 2016.


About Phèdre

Melted-pop duo Phèdre make music for escaping. Their visually evocative soundscapes take form like a great comic; a concise narrative, bright colours, and psychedelic textures. Phèdre‘s music borrows from hip-hop, psych and high-bpm electronica. They have toured extensively in North America and Europe, including playing shows in Mexico, Iceland and Russia.


About Regina of Light Fires

Regina, the alter ego of Toronto musician Gentleman Reg, has been DJing, high kicking and breaking hearts all over North America for just under five years! With her band Light Fires she has shared stages with Peaches, Handsome Furs, Hercules & The Love Affair, released a 7” single, five music videos, and a full length album, “FACE”.


About Above Top Secret

Above Top Secret is a rap, electro, dub hop mashup infused with feminist politics. Over the past 6 years they have played  in galleries, clubs and festivals across North America and Europe. Their shows are a multimedia spectacle including visual projections, self-produced bass heavy beats, and one of a kind designer outfits.


About The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

The Power Plant is Canada’s leading public gallery devoted exclusively to contemporary visual art. It is a vital forum for the advanced artistic culture of our time that offers an exceptional facility and professional support to diverse living artists while engaging equally diverse audiences in their work. The Power Plant pursues its activities though exhibitions, publications and public programming. It fulfills its mandate by generating: exhibitions that represent the range of advanced practice in visual arts; publications that increase knowledge of contemporary art; lectures and symposia that encourage debate and further understanding; interpretative tools that invite visitors to question, explore and reflect upon their experiences; programming that incorporates other areas of culture when they intersect with visual art.

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