Me So You So Me

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre


About the Performance

Me So You So Me is a story in dance where manga-influenced slapstick transcends the limitations of the girl-boy duet. Freely mixing martial arts, mime, kathak and ballet, David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen have developed a virtuosic movement language that’s both totally recognizable and unlike anything else you’ve seen. In Me So You So Me, the duo presents a pair of shifting characters, inner animals and super heroes. Floating over a raw, toybox score composed by Japanese experimental percussionist Asa Chang, Me So You So Me‘s infectious and exuberant theatricality is a deep and surprising pleasure.

Vancouver’s Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is the new vehicle of David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen, frequent collaborators with Canadian luminaries such as Crystal Pite. The company represents Raymond and Tregarthen’s mutual commitment to challenging each other’s dance impulses and ideologies.

About Out Innerspace Dance Theatre

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is devoted to creating exciting and integral contemporary dance works. Determined to be innovative yet accessible, they push beyond traditional aesthetics and forms with unreserved ingenuity. Through research and experimentation, Out Innerspace celebrates the importance of challenging the preconceptions of what can be expected, experienced and expounded in contemporary dance.

Artistic Directors David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen first collaborated for David’s solo series presented at the 2004 East-side Cultural Crawl. Motivated by their contrasting physiques and matching hunger for movement invention, they continued training and workshopping together with a commitment to challenge each other’s dance impulses and ideologies. From 2005-2007, they pursued the development of this collaboration within a residency centered in Antwerp, Belgium and facilitated by Irma Swynen, Director of The Antwerp International Dansstage. During this time they created works, performed, studied, instructed and researched both independently and collaboratively as well as began exploring video integration with dance.

Upon returning to Vancouver in 2007, David and Tiffany were invited to perform at the Vancouver International Dance Festival and Out Innerspace Dance Theatre was officially formed.

A message from the Artistic Director


Me So You So Me – Pre-show Tea

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 – 7pm

Join us for a series of Pre-show Teas with our Harbourfront Centre Scholars-in-Residence. Admission is free with the purchase of a ticket to the opening performance of Me So You So Me.

Me So You So Me draws upon longstanding traditions of Japanese and European classical theatrical performance, including manga, kabuki, and mine. But the performance is also inspired by a love story: the relationship between the two artists on the stage. Drawing together these elements, the preshow focuses on how we might think about—and complicate— the West’s longstanding fascination (or love affair) with the East, from the nineteenth century view of an exotic “Orient” to the contemporary interest in anime and Korean pop music. In what forms do North Americans represent (and consume) Asian culture? In what forms do men represent women, or vice versa? And how does theatrical form, as we know it in Toronto, represent or misrepresent the Other? Join University of Toronto professor Denise Cruz for a provocative pre-show tea in which we consider the possibilities and pitfalls of theatrical representation.

Me So You So Me – Talkshow

Thursday, April 16, 2015 – After the show

The second performance of each World Stage production is followed by our talkshow event, where the artists connect with the audience outside their work, fielding questions with the moderation of their colleagues in the community. Admission is free with the purchase of a ticket to Me So You So Me.