Mies Julie

Yael Farber/Baxter Theatre Centre

South Africa

About the Performance

Theatre director and playwright Yael Farber is one of the major voices of contemporary South Africa. Over the last decade she’s earned a global reputation for her devastating portraits of human nature. Her Mies Julie was the unqualified favourite of the prestigious Edinburgh Festival Fringe at its international premiere in 2012, and since then it has become one of the most sought-after touring productions in the world. Her story about the legacy of injustice in a post-traumatic society is an unforgettable performance. It’s “a dream come true … A benchmark of excellence” (The Telegraph).

Eighteen years after the end of apartheid, the white daughter of a landowner and the black son of her father’s servant wage love and war in the kitchen of a desolated South African farmstead. The tensions and traumas of contemporary South Africa are lived before your eyes. Through Farber’s vision, August Strindberg’s classic story of class and gender in conflict comes to startling new life.

Advisory: Nudity

About the company

Yael Farber

Yael Farber is a multiple award-winning director and playwright of international acclaim. Her productions have toured the world extensively in the last 10 years – earning her a reputation for hard-hitting, controversial works of the highest artistic standard.

Baxter Theatre Centre

The Baxter Theatre Centre is a performing arts complex in Rondebosch, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. The Baxter Theatre Centre provides an exciting forum for the celebration of life, which is the essence of live theatre, music and dance. It is one of the major live theatre venues in Cape Town and has always been at the forefront of the performing arts – both as a popular venue and as a leading producer. The Baxter, as it is often known, is part of the University of Cape Town.



Mies Julie – Talkshow

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 –

Come talk with us. This is where the artists of World Stage meet with the audience outside their work – through conversation with curated guest hosts. Our talkshow events, which follow the performance, provide unparalleled contact and context.

Admission is free with the purchase of a ticket to Mies Julie.

Mies Julie – Preshow event

Thursday, May 8, 2014 – 7pm

Join us at 7pm for tea and conversation about Yael Farber’s Mies Julie, a South African adaptation of Swedish playwright August Strindberg’s 1888 drama Miss Julie.

We will discuss the historical background of Strindberg’s naturalistic play about sex and class and what made it so radical and disturbing in his day, before turning to Farber’s adaptation of it to a South African context.

Led by professors Alan Ackerman and Denise Cruz, from the University of Toronto, Department of English, this event will bring together audience members and educators to consider how Strindberg’s dramatization of psychic and spiritual warfare can speak to contemporary racial politics.

Admission is free with the purchase of a ticket to Mies Julie.