The World Stage Mirror Ball

World Stage with Mother Trouble Nuance


About the Event

The World Stage Ball is now a tradition. We celebrate our 2016 season with a performance party in the spirit of more: more artistry, more theatrics, more mirrors. This year we’re inspired by the infinite reflection in the disco ball, so come dressed in your shiniest, most dazzling costume and let the fun amplify endlessly into the night. With 10 runway categories, a make-up station and a DJ spinning dance floor hits all evening long, the Mirror Ball is a collision of worlds, a festive night celebrating all things performance.

Join our World Stage family! The Mirror Ball is your welcome party.

The World Stage Mirror Ball was amazing! For a full list of runway categories and to view the fabulous photo album, check out our Facebook event.

About House of Nuance

Preaching a message of inclusivity, education, love and mutual respect, the House of Nuance formed in 2012 and has been stirring up a storm in the Canadian ballroom scene ever since. The ballroom community and house system are all part of a longstanding underground subculture, with most participants belonging to groups known as family houses.

The House of Nuance is made up of Mother Trouble Nuance, Father Titus Nuance and their children Lady Ice, Chili, Vintage, Felix, Cheecho, Tonic and Dim Sum. With several successful and well-attended balls under its belt, the House of Nuance has set its sights on continuing to bring the energy of a ball to the widest possible audience. The Nuance family believes that your true self can be realized on the runway. Their mission is to encourage everyone in the world to discover their most authentic self and bring it on the runway, where we can all celebrate their eleganza.


The World Stage Mirror Ball – Subculture Futures

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 – 7pm at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Join World Stage Scholars-in-Residence Matthew Sergi and Julia Fawcett along with Mother Trouble Nuance and Mother Tko Monroe for an open-ended forum discussion on Subculture Futures, in which your questions and comments will drive our conversation. Since subcultures—ball culture included—draw their passion and style from a history of being marginal, what does it mean to bring the ballroom scene onto a mainstream venue like World Stage or Buddies? Where has ball culture been so far? How has it changed in prior partnerships with mainstream institutions (from Madonna’s co-opting to the pop rebranding of ballroom lingo on RuPaul’s Drag Race)? In an arts community in which small-scale innovators are becoming dependent on institutional grants, support, and publicity in order to survive at all, how can ball culture sustainably continue without mainstream partnerships—or, if it enters into institutional partnerships, how can it maintain its realness?