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History of World Stage

For over 25 years Harbourfront Centre has brought the very best in contemporary performance to Toronto audiences. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of every company and performance to ever be a part of World Stage.

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Out of Context – for Pina – Alain Platel/Les Ballets C. de la B. – Belgium

Voice-Box – urbanvessel – Canada – Julia Aplin, Anna Chatterton, Juliet Palmer

PHOTOG: an imaginary look at the uncompromising life of Thomas Smith – Boca del Lupo – BC, Canada

Questo Buio Feroce (The Wild Darkness) – Compagnia Pippo Delbono – Italy

Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde! (A little tenderness for crying out loud!) – Dave St-Pierre – Montreal, Canada

Floating – Hoipolloi – Wales

La Voix Humaine  - Ivo van Hove/Toneelgroep Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Complaints Choir – Toronto/Finland – Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Bryce Kulak, Tina Rasmussen, 
The War of the Worlds – Art of Time Ensemble – Canada,  Andrew Burashko, Nicolas
Campbell, Don McKellar, Marc Bendavid

Children & A Few Minutes of Lock – Louise Lecavalier/Fou Glorieux - Canada  

The Monument – ISΤKO Theatre – Rawanda – Colleen Wagner, Jen Capraru

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The Walworth Farce – Druid Theatre Company – Ireland – Enda Walsh

Necessary Angel’s Hamlet – Necessary Angel Theatre Company – Toronto – Graham McLaren

To Be Straight with You – DV8 Physical Theatre – England – Lloyd Newson

roadkill – Splintergroup – Australia

Once and for all we’re gonna tell you who we are so shut up and listen – Ontroerend Goed, Kopergietery & Richard Jordan Productions Ltd – Belgium

Do Animals Cry – Meg Stuard/Damaged Goods – Belgium

Loin…(Far) – Rachid Ouramdane/L’A – France

On the Side of the Road – Theatre Junction – Calgary

relay – Ame Henderson/Public Recordings – Canada

Giselle – Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre – Ireland

Free Fall 10:

  • Six Images in Search of An Artist: Remix – Tanya Mars
  • The Bob and Becky Cabaret – Bob Wiseman, Becky Johnson
  • I’m So Close It’s Not Even Funny – Why Not Theatre
  • Wit in Love – DNA Theatre
  • Kismet one to one hundred – The Chop Theatre in association with Rumble Productions
  • Old Men Dancing: Wiser and Still Gorgeous (Do Not Resuscitate) – Bill James/Atlas Moves Watching

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Blue Note – Nightswimming – Toronto – Martin Julien, Brian Quirt

Pull The Ripcord – Kitt Johnson X-Act – Denmark

Spaghetti Western Orchestra – Australia

La Pornographies des βmes – Dave St-Pierre – Montreal

Hospitality 3: Individualism Was A Mistake – PME Art - Montreal - Caroline Dubois, Claudia Francello, Jacob Wren

Lost Action – Kidd Pivot – British Columbia – Crystal Pite

The Invisible – Infrarouge – Montreal – Marie Brassard

Dance Marathon – bluemouth inc. – Canada/USA

Shakuntala – Pleiades Theatre – Ontario

Tshepang – Mopo Productions – South Africa

That Night Follows Day – Tim Etchells and Victoria – Belgium

Blind Date – Rebecca Northan – Ontario

Breu & Seven or Eight Pieces for a Ballet – Grupo Corpo – Brazil

Make Me Stop Smoking – Rabih Mrouι- Lebanon

Afterimage – Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland – Newfoundland – Jillian Keiley, Robert Chafe

The Cleansing of Constance Brown – Stan’s Cafι – UK

Of All The People In The World – Stan’s Cafι – UK

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small metal objects – Back to Back Theatre – Australia-Bruce Gladwin

transmission of the invisible – Tribal Crackling Wind – Cambodia/Toronto – Peter Chin

opera to go 2008 – Tapestry New Works Opera – Toronto – Leanna Brodie, Craig Galbraith, David Ogborn, Dave Carley, Anna Chatterton, Andrew Staniland, Lisa Codrington, Kevin Morse, Krista Dalby

Cooped – Spymonkey – UK

Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry – Daniel Barrow – Winnipeg

Chapel/Chapter - Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company – USA

Damascus – Traverse Theatre Company – Scotland

Short Works – Black Grace – New Zealand

The Space Between/ 46 Circus Acts in 45 Minutes – Circa – Australia

freefall08: Theatre Centre

  • Clark and ISsomewhere in Connecticut – A Theatre Replacement/Rumble Productions - Vancouver
  • Cute With Chris – Live! – Chris Leavins – Toronto/Los Angeles
  • Camper Project/hey! Who Won? – Terrance Houle – Calgary
  • Poursuite – Marcelle Hudon – Montreal
  • Stitch: an a cappella opera for 3 women and 3 sewing machines – urbanvessel/The Theatre Centre
  • Transmission Machine – Istvan Kantor – Toronto
  • unsung bboy battles – Aba Entertainment – Toronto

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DollHouse – Mabou Mines – USA – Lee Breuer

…it’s only a rehearsal – Zero Visibility Corp. – Norway – Christel Johannessen

Griots t’Garage: A musical History of the African Diaspora – Denis Rollins – UK

Aalst – a true story – Victoria – Belgium

Solo – the doubt within me – Compagnie DCA Philippe Decouflι – France

Particulary in the Heartland  - The TEAM – Theatre of the Emerging American Movement – USA

Static – Expect Theatre/Spark Collective – Toronto,  Laura Mullin-Chris Tolley

like an idiot – Christina Moura – Brazil

The Passenger – Sarah Chase Dance Stories – Vancouver

Revisited – 2b theatre company – Halifax

Unbound – Wen Wei Dance – Vancouver

Sizwe Banzi Est Mort – Bouffes du Nord – France – Peter Brook, Athol Fugard, John Kani, Winston Ntshona

Bridge of One Hair – Jumblies Theatre – Toronto

Zaryzykuj Wszystko/Risk Everything – TR Warzawa – Poland, Grzegorz Jarzyna

Back Home – Urban Theatre Projects – Australia

Rite of Spring & Re – Shen Wei Dance Arts – China/USA

The Spiegel Show at the Spiegeltent’ntavern directed and conceived by Tina Rasmussen featuring Brad Hampton, Peter Oldring, Lopa Sokar, Rae Ellen Bodie, Rebecca Northan, Andrew Downing, Les Coquettes, Mina Lafleur, Bryce Kulak, 

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Rosebud, The Life of Orson Wells – Scamp and Rosebud Productions 

A Mobile Thriller – Hush Productions in association with Richard Jordan - UK

Kafka & Son – Theaturtle / Threshold Theatre - Canada - Alon Nashman, Mark Cassidy

Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure - UK

The Peep Show Project – Infrarouge Theatre – Canada - Marie Brassard with Alexander MacSween

My Arm – News from Nowhere Productions - UK- Tim Crouch

A Shameless Cabaret – Brad Hampton with Jean Stilwell - Canada

The End of the Moon – Laurie Anderson - USA

Pochsy Unplugged – Pochsy Productions – Canada - Karen Hines

Throat – Company F/Z - UK-  Flick Ferdinando and John Paul Zaccarini

Reflection – Derevo, Tanya Khabarovo

Bombshells – Caroline O'Connor – Australia -

A Fabulous Disaster – One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre - Canada - Denise Clarke

13 Mics & Style 4 Free – Benji Reid - UK

One Man Lord of the Rings , One Man Star Wars – Charles Ross  - Canada- TJ Dawe

A Woman in Waiting – Farber Foundry Productions - SA/UK- Thembi Mtshali, Yael Farber

The Life Game – The Loose Moose Theatre Company – Canada - Keith Johnstone

Sea Peach – Canada - Catherine Kidd

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A Woman in Waiting – South Africa / UK Arts International - Thembi Mtshali,Yael Farber

Carmen – Broomhill Opera & Wilton's Music Hall - UK/SA

Yiimimangaliso: The Mysteries – Broomhill Opera & Wilton's Music Hall - UK/SA

The Syringa Tree – Matt Salinger - USA - Larry Moss

Ensemble Noir & Vusi Mahlasela

The Notebook, The Proof – Der Onderneming - Belgium

Glengarry, Glen Ross – Steppenwolf Theatre Company - USA - Amy Morton, David Mamet

Tamara – Necessary Angel -Richard Rose

Facing South – Tapestry New Opera Works - ON Canada - Don Hannah, Joanna McIntyre and Wayne Strongman

Outlying Islands – Traverse Theatre – Scotland - Philip Howard, David Greig

Magnetism of the Heart – Teatr Rozmaitosci – Poland - Sylwia Torsh-Grzegorz Jarzyna

Gagarian Way – Crows Theatre - ON Canada - Jim Milan, Gregory Burke

100 – theimaginarybody theatre company (UK)

La Biblioteque – Carbone 14 - QC Canada - Gilles Maheau

The Overcoat – Canstage - ON Canada - Morris Panych, Wendy Gorling

Kafka in Love – Autumn Leaf Performance - ON Canada - Thom Sokoloski 

Horse Country – TTI & Clancy Productions –USA - CJ Hopkins, John Clancy

Ute Lemper

Obsidian Theatre - Alison Sealy-Smith

Mike Alfreds, John Barton, Kama Ginkas, Grzegorz Jaezyna, Sean Mathias and Christopher Newton.

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Nightsongs with Face to the Wall – Royal Court –UK - Jon Fosse, Katie Mitchell
Face to the Wall - Martin Crimp, Katie Mitchell
Sophie Okonedo

Medea – Theatre Babel – Scotland - Graham McLaren

Novecento – Theatre de Quat'Sous - QC Canada - Francois Girard, Tom McCamus

Hamlet – Meno Fortas - Lithuania

I, Claudia – Tarragon Theatre - Chris Abraham, Kristen Thomson

The Battle of Stalingrad: A Requiem – Rezo Gabriadze Theatre-Studio - Republic of Georgia

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The Orestia (The Home Guard and The Daughters of Darkness) – Royal National Theatre – UK – Katie Mitchell, Ted Hughes

The Mill on the Floss – Soulpepper Theatre Company - ON Canada - Robin Phillips, George Eliot, Roberta Maxwell, Tom McCamus, Stephen Ouimette, Brenda Robbins, Steven Sutcliffe

Fire in the Head – Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg - Germany - Thomas Ostermeirer

The Suit – Creations International de Creations Theatrales – France- Peter Brook, Mothobi Mutloaste

Krapps Last Tape / Footfalls - ON Canada – Graham Cozzubo, John Neville, William Scoular, Elizabeth Shepherd, Galen Weston Jr.

For the Pleasure of Seeing her Again – ON QC Canada - Dennis O'Connor, Nicola Cavendish

Otra Tempestad (Another Tempest) – Teatro Buendia - CUBA
La Vida en Rosa - Teatro Buendia - CUBA - Flora Lauten, Raquel Carrio

Dali – Crow’s Theatre - ON Canada - Jim Millan

Anything that Moves – Nightwood Theatre - ON Canada - Ann-Marie MacDonald, Allen Cole, Alisa Palmer

Motel Hιlθne – Tarragon Theatre  - ON Canada - Jacquie Maxwell, Serge Bouclier, Judith Thompson, Jane Spidell

White Mice – Mammalian Diving Reflex - ON Canada - Darren O’Donnell

Nixon Nixon’s – P&S Productions & Fifth Amendment – UK - Russell Lees, Charles Towers

Catalpa – Red Kettle Theatre - Ireland - Donal O'Kelly

Berkoff's Women – Guy Masterson Productions – UK - Josie Lawrence, Linda Marlowe, Steven Berkoff

Gaudeamus – Maly Drama Theatre of St. Petersburg - Russia - Lev Dodin

The Far Side of the Moon– Ex Machina/Robert Lepage - QC Canada - Laurie Anderson, Adam Nashman, Robert Lepage

Happy – Ronnie Burkett - Rink-a-Dink Productions, Alberta, Canada

Shockheaded Peter – A Cultural Industry Production - The Tiger Lillies

William Hutt, Diane D’Aquila

Yukio Mishima - David Oiye

Stand Up Shakespeare - Kenneth Welsh

Speakeasy series – Julie Taymor, Thomas Ostermeier, Lev Dodin and Robert Lepage

Master Classes for Directors - Tadeusz Bradecki, Bia Lessa, Polly Teale, Yoshi Oida

African Canadian Playwrights Festival –Derek Walcott, Lloyd Richards, Austin Clarke, George Boyd, Nourbese Philip, Fred Ward, Djanet Sears

Michael Levine

The Tiger Lillies

Music for Contortionist - Eda Holmes, Nora McLellan

Buendia Cabaret –Sonora Habanera

Stress –Bruce Mau, Andre Lepecki, John Oswald

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Geometry of Miracles – Robert Lepage / Ex Machina - QC Canada

Waiting for Godot – The Gate Theatre of Dublin – Ireland - Walter Asmus

Off My Face – Owen O'Neill - Ireland

Disco Pigs – Corcadorca - Pat Kiernan, Enda Walsh, Cillian Murphy

The Gogmagogs - Great Britain - Lucy Bailey

Masquerade – The Little Theatre of Vilnius – Lithuania - Michail Lermontov, Rimas Tuminas

Journey to the Centre of the Earth – La Troppa - Chile

The Weir – Royal Court Theatre - Great Britain - Conor McPherson, Ian Rickson

Elsewhereless – Tapestry Music Theatre - ON Canada - Atom Egoyan

Blue Heart – Out of Joint - Great Britain - Max Stafford-Clark, Caryl Churchill

I'll Go On – The Gate Theatre of Dublin - Ireland - Colm O'Brian, Barry McGovern

Street of Sorrows – Grupo Galpao – Brazil - Arildo de Barros

The End of Civilization – Factory Theatre - ON Canada

Monster – Da Da Kamera - ON Canada - Created by Daniel MacIvor, Daniel Brooks

Lawrence & Holloman – Tarragon Theatre - ON Canada - Morris Panych

Christopher Newton

Present Tense – Judith Thompson, Colleen Wagner, James O'Reilly, Judith Thompson, Brian Quirt

Speakeasy Forums – Robert Lepage, Christopher Plummer, David Hare

George Luscombe

Master Classes for Directors – Simon McBurney, Robin Phillips, Deborah Warner, Joseph Chaikin, Bia Lessa and Katie Mitchell.

The Fever - Clare Coulter

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Dead Souls – Carbone 14 - QC Canada

Elsinore – Ex Machina / Robert Lepage - QC Canada

Road Movie – Starving Artists Theater Company – USA- Godfrey Hamilton, Mark Pinkosh

Valley Song – The Market Theatre - South Africa- Athol Fugard

Que-Cir-Que - France/Switzerland

Bondagers – Traverse Theatre – Scotland - Ian Brown

Riot – Andrew Moodie, Layne Coleman

A Line in the Sand – BC/ON Canada - Guillermo Verdecchia and Marcus Youssef

Moral Ambiguities – Teatro Escambray – Cuba - Javier Fernandes Jure

The Trick is to Keep Breathing – The Tron Theatre Company – Scotland - Michael Boyd, Siobhan Redmond

The Taming of the Shrew – Original Shakespeare Company - England/Canada - Patrick Tucker, Geraint Wyn Davies

The Wasteland – Fiona Shaw – England - Deborah Warner

Hysterica Passio – Necessary Angel - Richard Rose

High Life – Crow’s Theatre - Jim Millan, Lee MacDougall, Brent Carver, Randy Hughson and Ron White

Simon Russell Beale, Meesha Bruggergosserman, Christopher Plummer

Launch of the World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre –James Earl Jones

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Needles and Opium – Robert Lepage - QC – Canada

White Biting Dog – Judith Thompson, Morris Panych, Ken MacDonald

At the Black Pig’s Dyke – Druid Theatre – Ireland - Vincent Woods

The Decameron – Canstage / Theatre Smith Gilmour - Peter Hinton

Moti Roti –Keith Khan, Ali Mehdi Zaidi

As You Like It – Original Shakespeare Company – UK - Patrick Tucker, Albert Schultz, Seanna McKenna, Michael Hanranhan, Lauren Peich, Ross Manson

The Passions of a Russian – Oleg Tabakov Studio

Woyzeck on the Highveld – Handspring Puppet Company - South Africa - William Kentridge

Twenty Steps to the Promised Land - Lo Que Cala Son Los Filos - Mexico

The Village Experience- Ki-Yi M’bock Theatre - Ivory Coast

Robert Wilson

Ilsa Queen of the Nazi Love Camp – One Yellow Rabbit-Michael Green

Mump + Smoot - John Turner, Michael Kennard

The Last Veil

John Mighton, Judith Thompson, John Murrell, George Seremba

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The Cafι – Carbone 14

Sandclavier – State Theatre of Kaunas – Lithuania - Jonas Jurasas

Snuffhouse Dustlouse or It’s Under the Table Mabel - Faulty Optic Theatre of Animation - UK

Orlando – BLLS Produηυes artisticas – Brazil – Bia Lessa

The Coming – Caravan Stage Company

Playboy of the West Indies – We are One Theatre - Damir Andrei

The Alchemical Theatre of Hermes Trismegistos - Autumn Leaf Performance, Array Music - Thom Sokoloski, R. Murray Schafer, Michael J. Baker

Driftings – Compagnie Philippe Genty - France

The Jaguar Project - Alejandro Ronceria – Canada - Raoul Trujillo

A Man Names Macbeth – Daison Erotica- Japan

The Kitchen Show: One dozen kitchen actions made public – Bobby Baker – Britain

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Teatrul de Comedie – Romania - Alex Darie

Sunjata – Compagnie Amoros et Augustin with Ki Yi M’bock Theatre d’Abijan - France / Ivory - Werewere Liking, Luc Amoros

Tale of Teeka – Theatre de la Marmaille and National Arts Centre - QC Canada - Michel Marc Bouchard

Napalm the Magnificent – David Craig - ON Canada

Drinking in America – Angry Actors Co-op - BC Canada - Eric Bogosian, Jay Brazeau

Memories of Amnesia, Stephen Oxley  – UK

Cook Dems, Bobby Baker - UK

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Lion in the Streets – Judith Thompson, Stephen Ouimette, Maggie Huculuk, Tracy Wright.

There will be no Death – The Little Theatre of Vilnius – USSR - Rimas Tuminas

Dazzle – Janusz Wisniewski – Poland

My Children, My Africa – The Market Theatre - South Africa - Athol Fugard

Sheila’s Day – Crossroads Theatre Company -USA

The Guid Sisters – The Tron Theatre – Scotland -Michael Boyd

IXOK – Teatro Vivo –Guatemala - Studio Theatre

The House of Horror – Paul Zaloom - USA

Beuys Buoys Boys – Ken Garnhum – Canada - Andy McKim

Commet Vivre Avec Les Hommes Quand on est un Geant (How to live as a giant Among Men) – Le Carrousel – Quebec

The Cezanne Syndrome – Crow’s Theatre - Jim Millan, John Jarvis, Martha Burns, George Merner

Romeo & Juliette – Nightcap Productions - Gord McCall, Robert Lepage

Lysistrata and the New World – Shadowland Production Company - Alice Norton, James Fagan Tait

Athol Fugard, Joshua Sobol

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Stars in the Morning Sky – The Leningrad Maly Theatre (USSR)

Hamlet-Machine – Carbone 14 - QC - Canada

Need to Know – Needcompany - Belgium - Jan Lauwers

Tectonic Plates – Robert Lepage, Michael Levine, Theatre Rιpθre - QC – Canada

Sophiatown – Junction Avenue Theatre in association with the Market Theatre (South Africa)

Boom, Baby, Boom! – Banuta Rubess, Nic Gotham and Company  - ON – Canada - Kate Lynch, Martin Julien and Ann-Marie MacDonald

Tears of a Dinosaur – One Yellow Rabbit Theatre (AB - Canada) - Blake Brooker, Michael Green and Denise Clarke

The Redthroats – David Cale USA

The King of America Trilogy – Alan Williams - ON - Canada

Red Channels – Touchstone Theatre - BC – Canada - Roy Surette

Tattoo Theatre – The Open Stage –Yugoslavia - Mladen Materic

Water Station – Theatre Tenkei Gekijyo - Japan - Shogo Ohta

The Warsaw Tango – Teatro del Sur – Argentina - Alberto Felix Alberto

Fool’s Edge – Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes - Blake Brooker

How Many Saints Can Sit Around? – Ken Garnhum, Andy McKim

The Razorbacks, The Shuffle Demons, The Flyer Bulger Klezmer Band, David Sereda, Holly and Alen Cole, Sandra Shamas

Blue Egg – Gregory Nixon

DNA Theatre – Give us this Day Our Daily Pond - Hiller Litoja

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Avvakum – Theatre Association Gardzienice - Poland

Il Ladro di Animae – Compagnia Teatrale di Giorgio Barberio Corsetti - Italy

Esker Mike and His Wife, Agiluk – Candian Rep Theatre

Life After Hockey – THEATrePULBIC

Now You're Talkin' – Charabanc Theatre - Ireland

Outer Sink – Los Trios Ringbarkus - Australia

Pavement – Studio Henderik - The Netherlands

Stuff As Dreams are Made On – Fred Curchack - USA

The Jester and the Queen – Boleslav Polivka - Czechoslovakia

The Best of CODCO – Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Andy Jones

The Double Bass – Eric Peterson

The Dragon's Trilogy – Robert Lepage, Marie Gignac

Cathy Jones – Wedding in Texas, Paul Zaloom – Creature from the Blue Zaloom - USA

This Is for You Anna – Nightwood Theatre /The Anna Project

Rene-Daniel Dubois, Herschel Hardin and Michael Hollingsworth, Beerly Rosen-Simons, Paul Gross, David Sereda, Nancy White, The Clichettes.

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