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Welcome to HATCH!

With a playful spirit of risk, this year's HATCH artists are dedicated to exposing and challenging their own processes through collaborative and interdisciplinary experimentation. These projects seek out new spaces to meet each other that lie in between distinct backgrounds, fields and genres, fuelled by a deep curiosity about what might happen when ideas overlap and collide. Their investigations also include you, our audience members, as important collaborators in the creation process.

HATCH is designed to inspire play and challenge artists to go beyond the way in which they normally work. Harbourfront Centre offers each of these companies one week in the Studio Theatre to inspire just this. This year, each of these experiments in performance-making offer us thoughtful shifts in perception perhaps by adjusting the aperture on everyday movement and objects, by re-appropriating old theatrical devices to trick our eyes and ears, by remapping the streets we live on, or by thoughtfully re-imagining the canon.

Concerning themselves with the minutiae, with the unnoticed, with the subtlety and banality of the quotidian, each project teases out the intricacies of what we might miss should we rush by too quickly and asks us to slow down, to look, to listen and to feel, and to see what might happen if we do.

You are invited to share in our findings and to participate in the work's continued development. At the end of each HATCH week, the artists welcome you to come join the creation process where your feedback becomes integral to the continued life of each work. This year, we have created a new space for these encounters, where, following each performance, participants and spectators can meet, mingle and discuss over a beverage in our HATCH bar. Please join us for the HATCH season and become a part of new performance in the making.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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