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A Message from Guest Curator Trevor Schwellnus

On select Saturdays in April and May, a different group of artists will take advantage of Harbourfront Centre's unique opportunity to explore an engaging artistic proposition for performance. They do this with the help of a group of world-class collaborators you. HATCH is a phenomenon of the spring: a seeding of fresh, new ideas into the Toronto cultural landscape, a time of reinvention. Our artists are testing ideas in the early stages of creating new works and through their feedback and energy, HATCH audiences have become important collaborators in the growth of many of these seminal works.

This year's HATCH artists offer us a look at how we live together, how we sing of the things we desire, and how we dance the things we do. What makes a community? How does our work fit into that process? These questions are the trigger for a month of conversation and performance that will dig into our diversity, dissent, and common curiosities.

A warning: there will be no answers to our questions. What I guarantee you is engagement; each week will feature a different take on the work of artists who have come before, and who have given us a sense of how we might tackle our contemporary concerns, giving us a place from which to reflect. The acts of remixing, reinterpreting, remastering and reinventing are a primary way of speaking back to our past and forward into our future.

From art song to Canadian epic, electronic arts to relational aesthetics, solo dance to ensemble movement to the dramaturgy of overcrowding, this year's HATCH artists are conducting their artistic research in the space between what they know and who they are. We will be crossing the boundaries of artistic disciplines and cultural categories.

I invite you to go there with us.

Trevor Schwellnus

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