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A Message from Guest Curator Michael Wheeler and Aislinn Rose

We believe live performance can be transformative. Situated within the constructs of space and time, it is like no other artistic experience. With a production and audience present together at the same moment in time, the capacity to understand something about ourselves and the world we live in seems to expand in manifold directions.

For the 10th anniversary of HATCH we have selected four projects that mine the fertile territory at the edge of performance and online technology. A core attribute of the social media technological revolution is that these tools are interactive. These tools are social. They thrive on engagement and participation. Whereas previous media broadcast content at a passive viewer, social media is both created and consumed by the participant. More broadly, this can be understood as a transition from monologue to dialogue.

This paradigm shift couldn't come at a more fortuitous time for live performance. In an era where broadcasts of performance have dominated public consumption through film and television, the nature of live performance and the fact that each event is singular and cannot be reiterated allows for unique and novel opportunities where audiences can experience, connect to and become part of a creative process and a singular moment, one that can never be repeated.

HATCH 2014 brings you artists investigating our notions of legacy, femininity, culpability and responsibility, and appropriation of voice. The stories these artists are creating, and the diversity of methods they are employing to realize them, offer unique entry points for audiences to engage with these makers and their work. It is our hope these performative experiments will alter and illuminate the possibilities inherent in a new era of live performance: one that is interactive, participatory, social and transformative in new and exciting ways.

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