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Welcome to HATCH

This HATCH is a setting for artworks that take beginnings—a renewable, though perhaps not limitless resource—as their subjects.

A whip-fast change of direction; an inkling; a certainty of a doubt—that’s what’s being worked with. In each of these projects the human faculties of improvisation, intuition, and inspiration face a battery of questions: How did we do it? When did it happen? What does it feel like? The questioning is rendered as a score. The score is performed. And the performance becomes itself the beginning.

The ostensibly unplanned brings what was planned all along into stark relief, be it sinister, structural, changeable, or all of these at once.

Jonathan Adjemian develops, rehearses and stages a new work for guitar, reeds, trombone, sine waves, three speaking voices and one singing voice from the transcription of an ecstasy. lo bil resides in extreme, embodied contingency and makes it up when it happens. Bethany Ides orchestrates a large-scale polyphony, a sprawling soap opera dramatizing equitable dealings. Ellen Furey examines the freely-given gift of virtuosity and its reception. Eshan Rafi views a home video shot by the artist’s uncle in Karachi in 1989 through the lenses of neurodeviancy and Marguerite Duras’s novel The Lover.

HATCH 13: READY AND UNPREPARED moves five artists’ projects into constellation September 11 – October 9, 2017 and invites the public to attend two days of public studio, September 21–22, 2017 at 8pm at Harbourfront Centre’s Studio Theatre.

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