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Free Flicks, Wednesdays, June 21 – August 30, 2017

Reelworld Super Short Shorts

Based on a shared desire to showcase the work of emerging Canadian filmmakers, Reelworld Film Festival is joining forces with us to bring audiences the SUPER SHORT SHORTS programme!

From June 28 to August 30, one of the 10 short films chosen by Reelworld programmers will be screened prior to each night’s Free Flicks feature.

The Three Sisters Community Garden

Zachary Greenleaf, a young Mi’gmaq from Gesgapegiag, tries to reintroduce the “three sisters” (the traditional white corn, squash and beans used in Native gardens) in his community with the help of other youngsters.

Directed by
Zachary Greenleaf

Screening on June 28 prior to The Sun at Midnight

Let it Go

A little girl Lily, who is fascinated by the beauty of fireflies, follows them into nearby woods and finds a jar of fireflies. What happens next depends on if she decides to keep the jar of fireflies for herself or let them go.

Directed by
Chandra Shekar Rallabandi

Screening on July 5 prior to Air Bud

First Breath After Coma

When Lily’s father decides to leave her and her mom, he leaves behind a token of his love for Lily to remember him by. Haunted by it, Lilly must decide what her next big step is.

Directed by
Iolanda Santos

Screening on July 12 prior to Wayne’s World


It’s late and Nick is reading in bed. His night lamp flickers in a strange way. He turns the lamp off, only to turn it back on and find himself in another room. That’s just the start of a long and weird night.

Directed by
Max Machado

Screening on July 19 prior to Meatballs

My Invisible Mother

Adult adoptee William Hammersley uncovers the social mechanics that forced his mother to put him up for adoption.

Directed by
Pascal Huynh

Screening on July 26 prior to Window Horses


A tribute to black women and the difficulty of raising black children in today’s society.

Directed by
Nadine Valcin

Screening on August 2 prior to My Internship in Canada (Guibord s’en va-t-en guerre)

Better Than Garbage

A short film about a woman’s desire to keep her baby, and give the child a life better than the one she was afforded by her parents.

Directed by
Robert Misovic

Screening on August 9 prior to Belle

Our Canada My Story: Thomas Poulsen

Thomas Poulsen shares about his performance career as a dancer and actor and his life as a person with disabilities. Poulsen, whose mobility was significantly affected by cerebral palsy, passed away after the filming in January 2017.

Directed by
Salima Stanley-Bhanji

Screening on August 16 prior to How She Move


Hand-drawn charcoal drawings movingly depict the loneliness and bewilderment of a child seeking safety in a war zone, in this timely short that uses found sound to explore the powerlessness of the refugee experience.

Directed by
Lorna Kirk

Screening on August 23 prior to Pacific Rim

Cup of Tea

A short film about the potential we all have to change someone else’s life, and while you&rquo;re doing that, might as well change it for the better.

Directed by
Jitendra Rai

Screening on August 30 prior to Cooking with Stella


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