What to Know About Renting a Powerboat

When renting an F13 or Lund powerboat this season, please remember to call ahead at least 24 hours in advance to book your appointment. We are not accepting walk ins.

On the day of your rental, you will be asked to answer a series of COVID-19 related questions by email about yourself and your crew.

What You Need to Know Before Coming to the Office:

  1. All Renters must provide PPE for themselves and their passengers.
  2. Renters are encouraged to bring their own life jackets. However, we will have some on site for use.
  3. Our building is closed to Renters, except for the front office. Washrooms can be used behind Disabled Sailing, and a code can be obtained from the front desk.
  4. We allow a half hour between each rental for sanitation. Therefore, Renters must ensure they are on time for their check out and return to the dock on time. We ask Renters come 15 minutes before their booking to fill out paperwork.
  5. Only one driver will be permitted per rental. Please bring your driver’s license or PCOC with you.
  6. Please bring a credit card for the $500 Damage Deposit.
  7. Please bring a working cell phone in case of emergency.
  8. Please watch the Safety Video prior to coming for your booking. The video can be viewed on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdjLD3S6Sgs

Cancellation Policy

During COVID-19, we are collecting full payments upon booking your reservation. Payments can be made by credit card over the telephone. You may reschedule your booking up to 48 hours prior to departure for a $25 fee. In the event of any cancellation by either party due to weather, refunds will not be issued; an alternative date will be booked within the season.

In the event of thunderstorms or winds over 20 knots, HCSP reserves the right to cancel a charter. In the event of any cancellation by either party due to weather, refunds will not be issued. An alternate date will be booked within the season.