Basic Sailing

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Introductory Sailing Experience

If you’ve never been sailing before, it can seem quite overwhelming. Try our introduction to sailing program, and have one of our professional instructors show you the ropes. Two hours in the harbour, and all of your questions can be answered. Please call for a reservation or more information. You have the opportunity to credit 50% of your Intro Course to a Basic Course, of which you can then gain Sail Canada certification.

2 Hours / $140

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Sail Canada* Basic Cruising

On-the-water experience is the best way to build basic boat handling, sail theory and safety techniques. Smaller custom designed keelboats make learning easier and build confidence. That’s why we have a 98% success rate. This course is the first level of four graduated Sail Canada programs designed to equip you for ocean passages. Course graduates receive internationally recognized certification. *Formerly the CYA

28 Hours / $755 / (PCOC included, textbook extra)

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