Club Racing

Racing takes place at Harbourfront Sailing and Powerboating (HCSP) every Tuesday and Wednesday night from the second week in May until mid-September. The racing program provides all club members with the opportunity to test their sailing skills in a competitive and friendly social environment.

Where to start

You’re new to our membership and want to try racing. What should you do to make the experience as successful as possible?

Let us know you want to race. Contact us ahead of time to let us know that you’re new to racing and are interested in trying it. This makes it much easier to assign you to the correct race night and crew and to answer your questions prior to race night.

Show up regularly. Making a real commitment to participate is the most important thing you can do to fit into the racing program. On Wednesday nights, our racing program is organized around regular crews, therefore showing up frequently effectively makes a statement about your level of commitment to your team mates. Should you wish to a more relaxed approach to racing then the Tuesday night program is an ideal environment in which to learn and make new acquaintances.

Let your team know if you’ll be away or running late. This is a common courtesy. It makes things much easier for everyone. The HCSP office will always take and pass along phone messages.

Have a positive outlook. Things can sometimes be confusing and disheartening, especially at first. Give things a fair shake. Be upbeat. Let your team mates and skipper know they have your support. Talk about and resolve problems after the race.

Don’t be intimidated. We have lots of very good people in the racing program. Keep in mind that everyone was new to the group at some point.

Sail as much as possible at times other than race night.

Provide feedback. We consider all suggestions about the racing program and try to implement those that experience and judgment indicate are practical. We are also interested in feedback about YOUR racing experience, and we can be contacted on race night after the post-race debriefing or by phone or email.