Boat ownership is no longer a barrier to boating; we have a fleet of boats waiting for you, allowing you to experience all of the benefits without the hassle or high cost.

Take your time to build experience, knowledge and confidence. When you come to buy the boat of your dreams you don’t want it to turn into a nightmare. Invest your time now, and you’ll enjoy the benefits later.

With your own fleet to choose from you don’t have to be in the same boat every time. You can select based on your boating plans and the size of your group. Our club is pay one fee and boat for free. Membership duration is a minimum of 12 months. You don’t have to volunteer time and effort because we do it all for you. Repairs, maintenance, insurance, dockage…all of it. Some fuel charges may apply.

Our members have a great time on the water, socializing on the back deck and making new friends.

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