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John Waters Movie Marathon: Pecker


Not suitable for children

A talented teen, obsessed with snapping photos of his perverted Baltimore neighbourhood and his wacky family, meets an aggressive New York gallery owner with dollar signs in his eyes. But as the art-scene machine hums along, bringing more success than expected, the boy decides to teach the pretentious art crowd a lesson. With Edward Furlong, Christina Ricci and Bess Armstrong.

Dir: John Waters / 1998 / AA / 1h 27min

John Waters Movie Marathon

Join us for free film screenings that showcase the work of one of cinema’s leading innovators.

Friday, July 13

Cecil B. DeMented / 6:30pm / Studio Theatre
Desperate Living / 8:30pm / Studio Theatre
A Dirty Shame / 10:30pm / Studio Theatre

Saturday, July 14

Pecker / 2pm / Studio Theatre
Cry-Baby / 5:30pm / Studio Theatre
Hairspray / 7pm / Concert Stage

John Waters Triple-D

The quintessential Waters experience sees the infamous Divine in three back-to-back-to-back trash classics. Licensed event 19+.

Female Trouble / 6:30pm / Brigantine Room
Polyester / 8:45pm / Brigantine Room
Pink Flamingos / 10:45pm / Brigantine Room

Sunday, July 15

Serial Mom / 2pm / Brigantine Room

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