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Nat Randall and Anna Breckonís The Second Woman

Featuring Laara Sadiq

Produced by Performing Lines

North American Premiere

In an epic endurance performance, a performer repeats a single scene 100 times over a 24 hour period. Starring opposite her are 100 different men drawn from the local community. The scene is captured on multiple cameras and projected live alongside the staged performance, highlighting minute details of expression and variations in performance.

Through the repetition of this intimate encounter, The Second Woman explores the complex interplay between identity, performance, gender, emotion, cinema and reality.

The Second Woman is not only remarkable for the endurance of its lead performer. It’s also a demonstration of the power of formal experimentation and a stunning creative feat, from concept to execution. One of the finest examples of independent Australian theatre in years.” Stephanie Convery, The Guardian, Five Stars


Co-creators: Nat Randall and Anna Breckon

Video Direction: EO Gill and Anna Breckon

Camera Operation: EO Gill

Lighting Design: Amber Silk

Sound Composition: Nina Buchanan

Set Design: Future Method Studio

A Performing Lines presentation. The Second Woman was originally supported by Next Wave 2016.

Performing Lines

For details on being a part of The Second Woman, click here.


Performing Lines  ▸

Nat Randall  ▸
Co-Writer, Co-Director, Performer

Anna Breckon  ▸
Co-Writer, Co-Director, Video Direction

Laara Sadiq  ▸

EO Gill  ▸
Lead Camera, Video Direction

Amber Silk  ▸
Lighting Design

Nina Buchanan  ▸
Music Composition

Genevieve Murray / Future Method Studio  ▸
Set Design



Coarse language and adult themes. Recommended for ages 15+.


Saturday, July 20
Harbourfront Centre Theatre
231 Queens Quay West
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