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The Cold Record

A secret performance.
A one man show.
The story of a 12 year old boy
who tries to set the record
for the most days leaving school sick with a fever
and in the process falls in love with the school nurse
and learns to appreciate punk rock.
You’ll leave with a mix tape
made from the audience’s memories
and a promise never to speak about what you witnessed
or else you’ll get kicked out.

The Cold Record is a play that fits in a tote bag. Inside are wonders made from minimal materials – a tape recorder and headphones. Written and performed by Kirk Lynn, this tape play can be performed anywhere, it just needs an audience who can keep a secret. Lynn’s insightful wit and inventiveness are on full display in this latest project, leaving you with a mixed tape of experiences and songs to live by.


Created by Rude Mechs

Written and Performed by Kirk Lynn

Directed by Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw

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This is a 19+ event.


Kirk Lynn  ▸

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